The story of Warcraft

It’s easy to get lost in the ever-expanding sea of Warcraft games. If you’re wondering about what happened in the parts you missed, and whether the orc or the egg came first, you need to go through the story of Warcraft to get a basic understanding. The Warcraft story is a massive guide explaining what happened in the Warcraft universe, game by game, from Orcs and Humans through to Cataclysm’s Hour of Twilight.

The story of Warcraft

The story of the Warcraft universe gives you a comprehensive account of the folklore created by Blizzard as background information regarding the World of Warcraft universe. It was made exclusively from Blizzard’s published record thus far. While it’s not necessary to have prior knowledge of Warcraft lore to enjoy the game, learning about the background gives you a broader understanding of the characters and setting of the game.

The story of orcs and humans, unraveled

The lore of orcs and humans has been growing and expanding with the release of each new game in the Warcraft series. It’s a story of the brave people of Azeroth and beyond, and a tale of mighty heroes who possess strength and honor. The story also revolves around a tale of powerful foes as well as endless adventure.

An overview

Warcraft: Orcs & Humans is a PC and Mac game that was released in November, 1994. It revolves around the fallen titan named Sargeras, who, for ages, has been plotting to destroy all occupants of Azeroth. Until now, Sargeras has been in possession of the human wizard Medivh, whom he compelled to reach out to Gul’dan — an orc warlock residing in Draenor.

While in Draenor, Sargeras’ demonic servants, including the Burning Legion, sullied the once-peaceful orcs, forging them into one bloodthirsty army called the Horde. Medivh and Gul’dan went on to create a dimensional gateway known as the Dark Portal. Sargeras’ cursed forces went through the Dark Portal and reached Azeroth, where they invaded the human nation known as Stormwind.

With the help of the half-orc Garona, champions of the human nation such as Anduin Lothar fought gallantly in a bid to safeguard their kingdom. In the end, however, the mighty Horde managed to completely shatter the Stormwind’s valiant defenses. Surprisingly, Garona later betrayed her friends amid the city’s tragic fall by assassinating King Llane Wrynn and sealing the human nation’s defeat.

The story of Warcraft

Benefits of the Warcraft guide

The Warcraft guide is a pretty amazing book that outlines everything you need to know about Blizzard’s published work. Each chapter is comprised of a synopsis of the events occurring in each specific game or patch. Furthermore, each chapter of the guide packs other goodies such as key art and video trailers.

This guide is without a doubt designed for you if you’ve always wanted to immerse yourself into the lore of Warcraft but didn’t know where to start. What’s more, Blizzard promises a ton of other bonuses like wallpaper and character cards for different Azeroth heroes. This remains an ultimate resource for all your Warcraft and lore needs.

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