How to tell if you’re a geek

Gone are the days when being a geek meant you were unfashionable and an outsider. People have realized that it’s cool to be a geek, and with so much to geek about, it’s fair to say that everyone has a bit of geek in them. But how do you tell if you’re a full-on pure-blooded geek?

Well, being a geek essentially means that you are obsessed with technology or elements of pop culture. Whether this ranges from knowing everything about a particular fantasy franchise or the latest computer specs, here are some of the giveaways that you might be a geek.

How to tell if you’re a geek

You have a very passionate knowledge about an unusual subject

The thing that separates a geek from the average person is that their knowledge of a particularly unusual topic makes heads turn. It’s about knowing the fine details of whatever it is you’re geeking over. If you take the time to read into all of the small details and fan theories or find yourself re-watching things over and over to catch the finer details, you just might qualify.

And you are profusely loyal to it

One of the giveaway signs that you are a geek is that you are profusely loyal to your hobby. If anyone insults it they better be prepared to face your wrath. If you find yourself getting a little defensive whenever someone says they don’t like your particular interest, and you feel an unwavering need to convince them otherwise, it means this topic is your geek passion.

Others find it difficult to explain your hobby

Others just don’t seem to grasp why this topic is so important to you. And that’s okay. All it means is that you know so much about this topic, that others can’t understand. Maybe even you don’t know the reason you love it so much, only that it calls to you to know more and more about it.

You have a collection

You might not notice it, but most geeks build a collection of items related to their obsession. If you’re techno-geek, you probably have a graveyard of all the devices that owned and tried throughout your life just hidden away in your closet. You might even be more proud and display the several figurines or books or trinkets of your collection for everyone to see.

How to tell if you’re a geek

You don’t mind showing off your knowledge

One of the signs of being a geek is feeling the need to correct someone if they get something wrong about your realm of knowledge, even if it’s an unnecessary detail. It might be one of your favorite pastimes to attend quizzes about your subject matter and grapple with those really challenging questions that put your knowledge to the test.

You get the “inside jokes”

If you chuckle to yourself when you see that meme that you can’t explain to anyone else, it means you’re a geek. Being a geek is really fun when you find some friends that share your passion and know just as much about it to the point where you can reference it to each other and get a good laugh.

You like to cosplay

Geeks cannot resist the urge to dress up as their favorite characters or items from their geek passion. Cosplaying is a fun way to share your passion with other geeks and really work your creativity!