Tech wearables that are more chic than geek

Keeping up with the latest tech can be hard. One minute it’s all about getting bigger and bigger, then the next it’s making things as small as possible – how do we keep up?! We may have found the answer. Now there are tech wearables that are more chic than geek that will keep you up to date with the trends as well as making sure you’re on top of the fashion game.

Contactless jewelry

Yes, you read that right, there is now such a thing in this world as contactless jewelry. These accessories have chips built in that mean we can make payments even if we forget our purse. How brilliant! These can come in all shapes and sizes from bracelets to keyrings and phone cases to badges. Plus, you know it will always be kept safe as no one would expect there to be a chip hidden in there, would they? Especially as you can keep it close to you at all times. This is far more chic than geek when it comes to finding that wearable tech.

Tech wearables that are more chic than geek


Fitbits have been on the market for the last few years as people jump on the exercise craze. However, as time has gone on, these fitness trackers have become a style piece in their own right. There are a huge variety of sizes available to suit all needs as well as coming in a range of colors. To make them even more appealing, there are so many customizable bands it can be easy to make your Fitbit your own. A healthy life is becoming the new trend, and it might be time to play catch up.

Phone controlled rings

If there is one company tapping into tech that is more chic than geek it’s Ringly. This business offers up the chance to link your phone to your ring. Why? To check social media, of course! That isn’t all. Ringly designs can also sync with your emails, text messages, and phone calls to keep you up to date with any incoming messages even if your phone is in your bag. To make the whole thing even more appealing, Ringly also offers up contactless payment. It really does seem too good to be true.

Tech wearables that are more chic than geek

Apple Watch

Apple has been leading the market for the last few years thanks to their innovative designs and stunning technology. This smartwatch first hit the market in 2015, and it doesn’t look as though it will be leaving anytime soon. Apple Watches can do just about everything your phone can, such as show text messages, receive and make calls, and even become a timer for photos. However, it can also do a lot more. The Apple Watch also works as a fitness tracker in addition to a contactless payment method. We truly are living in the future now.