Take pictures with your sunglasses: an introduction to Spectacles

Snap Inc., which was formerly known as Snapchat, recently released their first-ever hardware product called Spectacles. Spectacles were first released in 2016, and the second generation was released in April, 2018. These sunglasses have the capability of recording ten-second videos. People are highly interested to know the workings of the glasses, so here is some information to answer all of you questions. Snap glasses are in now, and here’s why.

Spectacles from Snap Inc. are glasses that are capable of recording ten-second videos that are directly added to your Snapchat stories. The built-in high definition camera has a 115-degree range that attempts to replicate how humans view things. The starting price of the glasses is around $150, and they come in different styles and colors including teal, coral, and black respectively.

In order to record video snippets, the user has to press the switch present on the top-left corner of the glasses, which auto stops after an interval of ten seconds. In case you want a longer video snippet, tap the button again for an additional ten-second video recording.

An inward-facing light indicates that live recording is on, and the outward-facing light notifies anyone in your range of vision. The Spectacles are capable of recording a 30-second video snippet at one go, which is the maximum limit of the device. The videos recorded can be easily transferred to your phone using Wifi or Bluetooth. For smartphones with Android OS, the transfer takes place through Wifi, and for iOS devices the snaps can be transferred using the Bluetooth technology. The resolution of the video snippets depends on the encoding and mode of transfer, which is normally higher in Wifi.

There is nothing to worry about if you forget your phone. The Spectacle is a unique standalone device which can store the snippets safely until you transfer them to your phone at any time. The snippets can be captured in the portrait or the landscape mode depending upon the subject that is being filmed.

The built-in battery is rechargeable and at one go it can last for a complete day if it is being used extensively. The outward light on the glasses also acts as a battery indicator, and shows the level of battery for your convenience. In addition, the glasses are water resistant, so it’s safe to use them even if you’re going to the beach or a pool party. They come with both a charging cable and can also be charged right in the case that comes with them, so you can recharge them anywhere you go.

What is the general opinion of the Spectacles? They simply cannot be compared to Google Glass because Snap Inc.’s Spectacles cost so much less in comparison to the smart glasses from Google. The motto of Snap Inc. is to make Spectacles the GoPro in your life. Snapchat, as we know, faces fierce rivalry from its competitors such as Facebook. In order to stand out from the rest, Snapchat’s glasses hope to change the landscape of the market.