How to take better pictures in portrait mode

Modern phones open up a whole world of possibilities. Not only can you access the world wide web from your pocket, but you can also capture any moment in time with a touch of the screen. Cameras on smartphones nowadays are the most advanced they’ve ever been, and now come with portrait mode to make sure you are always at the focal point of the photo. Here are some tips if you want to take your photography skills to the next level, as well as wow your friends.

Getting good lighting

One of the most important aspects to consider when taking a photo in this mode it the lighting; if you are in a dimly lit area it won’t work at all. Natural light is the best option to go for as it will highlight most of the photo. It also makes sure that the subject left in focus is sharp while the background is nice and blurred.

How to take better pictures in portrait mode

A good distance from the background

Portrait mode now works on both the front and rear-facing cameras. Making sure that you aren’t standing directly next to the background using either of these as it will make it easier for the phone to be able to differentiate between the subject and what it is you want to blur. It is recommended to stand a couple of feet away from whatever is behind you for best results. Using portrait mode in this situation will also make it look as though you are standing a lot further away from the backdrop than you actually are.

Stepping into the photo

While on the subject of distances, it is crucial that you always make sure you leave the right amount of space between you and what you are taking a photo of. It is best to make sure you have enough room, but at the same time, you don’t want to be too far away either. If you think there is too much of a gap, then take a step closer as you’ll get a much clearer photo. Portrait mode doesn’t have a zoom function, but as with any photograph, avoiding the zoom lens is best anyway. However, it is ideal to leave at least a foot and a half between the lens and the subject; too far away or too close means that the background won’t be able to blur.

Focus focus focus

It may seem obvious, but checking that your subject is what the camera is actually focusing on means, you won’t be left disappointed. You can double check where the camera is focusing by simply tapping on the screen where the photo should be made the sharpest. Doing this will ensure you’re blurring the right parts of the photograph. Another tip to remember here is having your subject in the foreground of the photo. If there is something in the way, then the camera may try and focus on that instead, as well as not blur the entirety of the background.

How to take better pictures in portrait mode

Using thirds

To take your photographs to the next level you can use a simple, yet effective, tip: the rule of thirds. You know that grid that pops up over the camera? Well, that is to give you a guideline as to where your subject should be. It is incredible the difference that can be achieved when rather than taking a photo with the subject in the middle; you place them on one of the intersections of the grid.

Whether you are a budding photographer or fancy just playing around with some techniques to make your next vacation snaps pop, portrait mode is a brilliant way to up your photo taking game. It adds a tremendous amount of detail to pictures that may otherwise seem average. With a little bit of practice, you’ll be taking photos like a pro in no time.