Why are superhero origin stories so popular nowadays?

The superhero genre is thriving right now, and we never saw it coming. Once ridiculed by many for being too geeky, it now produces some of the most popular films and TV shows in the world. We seem to have become obsessed with superheroes but why is that? What is it about the genre that’s suddenly attracting millions of fans every year? Well, it seems it might all be down to their origin stories.

It provides a background

The primary purpose of an origin story is to help us understand what created the superheroes we know and love. Established characters like Batman and Spiderman are known for fighting crime and defeating evil, but that hasn’t always been their life goal. They weren’t born superheroes – something happened that made them become one.

Why are superhero origin stories so popular nowadays?

These origin stories are necessary to show audiences what prompted them to start fighting for the good guys in the first place. They provide a background into the character’s life that helps us to understand their motives. Without it, we don’t understand enough about the heroes to truly root for them.

The characters become three-dimensional

There are a lot of superheroes in the fictional world, and turning each one into a unique, fleshed-out character is difficult. That’s why origin stories are so essential for every hero. Telling viewers where they come from and what inspired them to fight the bad guys gives them a more rounded view of the character.

If a superhero is only one-dimensional, their chances of having longevity are slim. They need the depth that an origin story provides to keep audiences invested in them.

They give us hope

There’s a reason a lot of people look up to superheroes. They’re strong, intelligent and brave – the kind of things many of us would love to be. While it might be unrealistic to aspire to be exactly like these characters – superpowers sadly still don’t exist – their origin stories give us hope. Why? Well, because once upon a time they were just like you and me.

Characters like Spiderman were perfectly ordinary people until something came along to change that. Most origin stories show us they had boring everyday lives before they turned into heroes, giving audiences a reason to be optimistic. Yes, your life may not be great now, but who knows what the future might hold.

Why are superhero origin stories so popular nowadays?

Why are they so popular now?

These origin stories have likely become so popular now because many people need something to feel hopeful about. A lot of bad stuff is going on in the world right now, and viewers need to believe that things could get better one day. It gives everyone a reason to wake up in the morning.

Moreover, these origin stories are pretty essential now there are so many superheroes around. It’s hard to keep track of everyone in the Marvel and DC universes, so having all these backstories makes it a lot easier to remember who’s who.

As the genre continues to thrive, it’s likely we’ll see many more origin stories hit the big and small screen. To that, we say the more, the merrier!