Stop smiling – the weirdest wedding traditions from across the world

Does your family have a tradition that might seem normal in your house but is weird to others? Well, you might not be alone. However, now it looks as though there are entire communities that do things that might leave the rest of us questioning what’s happening. It’s time to stop smiling as here are some of the weirdest wedding traditions from across the world.

Piling on the pounds

Many brides-to-be head on wedding diets as soon as they get a ring on their finger. Not over in Mauritius. Oh no, here it is common practice for brides to eat as much as possible, so they are positively plump before walking down the aisle. It’s thought that the larger the wife, the wealthier the husband must be.

An unusual exit

You might think the father of the bride would be proud to see his daughter find the person of her dreams, but in Kenya, it seems as though you won’t be seeing too many tears of happiness. In fact, it’s common for fathers to spit on the Masai brides as they leave the ceremony, so they don’t tempt fate by being too happy for the new couple.

Stop smiling – the weirdest wedding traditions from across the world

A grand pay-off

It seems as though Chinese bridesmaids only want the best for the bride with their weird wedding tradition. Before the ceremony, the bridesmaids will rile up the groom with a host of tasks and challenges to test he is worthy. To pass, he must hand each of them an envelope stuffed with money!

Dancing queen

The Irish might be known for their dancing, but there are strict rules to follow for any bride. Old tales say the bride must keep both her feet on the floor at all times during her dance or evil fairies will arrive to take her away. Not quite the exit anyone was expecting.

A bumpy exit

Over on the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia, the bride and groom have an interesting way to leave their big day. Everyone related to the bride must lay down next to each other facing the ground. Then, the bride and groom get to walk over them as if they were a human carpet. Better hope those heels aren’t too high.

Steal a kiss

Over in Sweden, there is an unusual tradition that keeps both the bride and the groom on their toes. Whenever the bride leaves the reception table, all the women can try and grab themselves a kiss from the groom. The same goes for the men whenever the groom steps away from the head table.

Stop smiling – the weirdest wedding traditions from across the world

Keeping it serious

You might have heard of tears at a wedding, but these aren’t to be joined by a smile over in Congo if you want to make it through the big day. Yup, that’s right. Brides and grooms must refrain from smiling the whole day, or it’s thought they aren’t taking their wedding seriously.

Different kind of bowl

What could be better than champagne and chocolates after your wedding reception? Well, you might think differently when you hear that French newlyweds must eat them out of a toilet bowl. It’s believed it will give them the strength they need for their first night together, but we worry it might give them something else instead…

It seems as though there is a lot more to a wedding than saying “I do” with these weirdest wedding traditions from across the world. Although we might not be lining up to join in them all, we sure can appreciate these traditions from here.