Series to watch now that Game of Thrones is over

It’s safe to say that Game of Thrones leaving our screens has left a massive hole to fill, where are we going to get our fantasy fix now? Well, there are plenty of TV shows out there that perhaps you haven’t come across yet. Sure they may not be quite as prolific as the great Game of Thrones, but you never know what might tickle your fancy. With so many subscription services there’s so much to choose from, but don’t be disheartened if it’s not exactly like the epic 8 series TV show, you’ll love it for something entirely different.


Outlander has everything from romance, action, and intrigue. It has an element of historical truth but is no stuffy rendition of events. It starts off in England just after World War II but ends up in the 18th Century Scottish highlands, where viewers are introduced to the likes of Jamie Fraser. This is an epic story between two people who fall in love but are torn apart again and again as a result of the warring historical events surrounding them. It’s a time travel, romance, adventure; there’s something for everyone. Although it’s a bit risque for the family.



If the 18th Century is too soon and you prefer your epic stories to be somewhat wild and fantastical, then Vikings is for you. This is not a supernatural series, but it does explore the Viking beliefs, depicting them as a Viking would see it. However, this is filled with drama, power, and a story like no other. You follow one family in particular and the legends surrounding one hailed Viking.

Stranger Things

Bringing it forward into the 1980s, and like nothing we’ve ever seen before. This series is basically a household name, and almost everyone has watched it, why? Because it’s just so good. It’s a supernatural story about a group of kids; however, it’s not for the faint-hearted, this story becomes dark and intriguing, showing terrible supernatural happenings. It’s perfect if you love a dash of crazy.


Now, if Stranger Things isn’t strange enough for you, then head on over and watch Preacher, that’ll sure get your head-turning. You’ll be sent on a quest with Dominic Cooper who plays the lead, discovering all sorts of crazy things from vampires, angels, and a search for the man upstairs. If you’ve watched the hit show ‘Supernatural’ then just to warn you, it’s nothing like it. It’s crazy dark, but it’s done in the style of great-western meets gothic.

Orange Is The New Black

If you haven’t already jumped on board this train, then you’re seriously missing out. This show is so popular that it’s had its own conventions several years running. It’s dramatic, it’s sad, it’s terrifying, but it’s also a real eye-opener, oh, not to mention it can also be downright hilarious. This show takes you on a real emotion roller-coaster, but you won’t regret it. It also briefly has Jim from American Pie in it too.

Orange Is The New Black


If it’s just good ol’ violence you’re looking for, then Spartacus is your show. It’s a seriously adult show, so be prepared for some terrifying, gory scenes, and not to mention the more intimate ones. It’s not a show to watch lightly, it’s filled with politics, rebellion, uprisings, gladiators and so on, all those gritty bits of Game of Thrones rolled into one.

While nothing will ever replace our love for this show, it doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to move on.