Science geeks you definitely should be following

Whether you like to dabble in science or you have a passion for knowing everything about the world, it looks as though there are some science geeks you definitely should be following who will help you to understand all things nature and science related on your quest for knowledge.

Jacquelyn Gill

There’s a reason that Jacquelyn Gill knows so much about climate change – she’s been to a huge number of extremes to learn all about the world. In fact, Jacquelyn admits that she loves learning all about the past as it gives her the ticket she needs to learn about the future. It seems as though the past can provide us with some major clues as to where the world is heading – and Jacquelyn is determined to uncover them all.

Jess Wade

Many of us were probably told not to trust everything we read on Wikipedia back in school, but what about if someone wanted to change that? That’s right; Jess Wade had enough at the lack of LGBT, people of color, and women scientists being showcased on the site and has since made it her mission to right the wongs. So far, Jess has helped to write hundreds of pages, giving many unsung heroes their time to shine.

Marshall Shepherd

There’s being a weatherman, and then there’s being Marshall Shepherd. As well as delving into what the weather is doing and when, Marshall also explains why the weather behaves the way it does and gives us more of an understanding as to how Mother Nature works. The best bit? Marshall is on every kind of media including social media and podcasts. Being a former NASA scientist certainly comes with its perks.

Emily Graslie

Emily Graslie has landed a job many of us dream about: a chief curiosity correspondent for the Field Museum found in Chicago. This means Emily has access to just about every collection at the museum – something she shares with her fans with her videos on social media. Perhaps it’s no surprise that Emily landed herself on the Grist 50 list in 2016? After all, she is undoubtedly one to watch as she continues to wow us with her career.

Lindsey Murphy

Here is one of the many people that is trying – and succeeding – to make science more accessible to the world. Lindsey Murphy hopes to inspire young children with her videos on social media as her online character proves how science doesn’t always have to be as complicated as it can seem. As if that wasn’t enough, Lindsey also shows off a number of experiments using household items meaning we can recreate them in our very home.

Science is one of the incredible ways we have been able to learn all about the world over the years, and with so much still left to learn, it might be time to check out some science geeks you should definitely be following. That is if you want a fun way to learn about the world around us. After all, science never has to be dull, right?