The robots that can walk, talk, and do even more

Technology seems to advance more and more each day, making our sci-fi dreams become reality. In the middle of the last century, it was thought that robots would already be among us in this century, making our lives easier and performing many of the jobs that we didn’t want to do. Although the technology took a little while to catch up to predictions, finally there are robots that are set to integrate into our society. Have a look at these futuristic robots capable of completing of incredible tasks.

LS3 BigDog

At the forefront of technological advances are some of the world’s military services, and robotics company Boston Dynamics might have just provided the US Marines with their next piece of equipment. The LS3 BigDog is designed to accompany Marines as they carry out missions in the field. The BigDog is like a robotic horse (or big dog!) that carries important kit across most terrains to make sure the military personnel doesn’t run out of anything they need. A sign that in the future wars will be fought with robots, perhaps?

The robots that can walk, talk, and do even more


We already have smart speakers in our homes that are designed to listen to us and help us around the house. Kuri takes that concept one step further and integrates the technology of smart speakers in the body of a penguin-sized robot. Kuri can move around your home freely, aiming to become a part of the family. It will try to entertain your family and your guests as well as playing music and candidly taking pictures to capture memories. Creepy or extremely helpful?

The robots that can walk, talk, and do even more

Moley Robotic Kitchen

Sometimes cooking can feel like a chore, you’ve been working all day, and all you really want is to sit down and have someone make dinner for you. Well if your partner is in the same frame of mind as you then there is something else you can rely on, the Moley Robotic Kitchen. It is an automated cooking robot that comes with the ability to learn new recipes, and it even does the washing up afterward! You can go home after a long day and have your robot cook your dinner, what could be better?

Gita Bot

Are you sick of driving everywhere, but have little choice because things are so far away? Take a simple trip to the grocery store, it may not be that far but you need your car to store your purchases in as you can’t carry it all. Now you can enjoy a gentle stroll to the grocery store and not worry about carrying your groceries back yourself. The Gita Bot is capable of holding a fully loaded rucksack worth of goods and simply follows you around as you go out and about your business, so you can stretch your legs but let Gita Bot do the heavy lifting.

Toyota T-HR3

This human-like robot is designed to be capable of completing tasks humans do but without the risk of sending a human into a dangerous situation. The Toyota T-HR3 mimics the movements of the human remotely controlling it and can be sent to places like space, disaster areas, and construction sites to complete tasks that could pose a danger to human life. It has 29 body parts, making it capable of replicating many of the things we humans are capable of and it is expected to be a step closer to fully automated robotic assistants.

The robots that can walk, talk, and do even more

We are living in a time of great technological advances, so it’s only right that it should start to feel as though we are living in a sci-fi world. These robots are bringing the future one increasingly human-like step at a time.