Riveting facts about Mars

There are few planets in the Solar System more intriguing and fascinating than Mars. Throughout history, different cultures have studied and worshipped the planet, and it has played a huge role in many mythologies. Unhidden by clouds of dust and gas, Mars is the planet in the Solar System that we have found to be the closest to our own Earth in a lot of different ways.

Scientists have studied Mars for years, and it continues to be the basis of many space exploration missions. This has been the only planet in the Solar System that we have long speculated humans might be able to live on. Colonizing Mars has played a big role in science fiction and scientific speculation over the years. Here are some of the riveting facts you definitely never knew about Mars.

It has approximately the same land mass as Earth

As we know, Mars has long been spoken about as another planet that might be possible for humans to inhabit. There have been a lot of tests carried out ,checking things like air pressure and the topology of the planet. And, as it turns out, Mars has more or less the same land mass as Earth, adding yet another factor that makes it perfect for potential future colonization. However, how practical this will be, even in the future, remains to be seen, but with a similar landmass, Mars has yet another thing going for it.

Riveting facts about Mars

It’s perfect for tourists!

When you go traveling there are many awesome things you might want to do, and climbing stunning mountains is one of the best. Though it might not be on your list of travel destinations, Mars certainly has some stunning surroundings, and is home to the tallest mountain in the Solar System! This mountain is a volcano known as Olympus Mons – sounds like something from Roman mythology, right? The mountain is colossal in size, and sits at a staggering 72,000 feet in height! To put things in perspective – Mount Everest, the highest mountain on Earth, comes in at a paltry 29,029 feet tall!

NASA loves it there

It stands to reason that NASA would probably want to spend a lot of time on Mars, carrying out studies and tests. The planet is so fascinating, and shares many similarities with Earth, making it the perfect destination for space missions. In fact, there is a mission planned for 2020, where Mars will land a craft, and look for signs of life on the planet. This could wind up being one of the most important space missions of all time, and might well lead to some stunning future discoveries.

Riveting facts about Mars

It has the largest dust storms

Mars not only has the highest mountain in the Solar System, but it also is home to the largest dust storms as well. These staggering storms cover the entire planet and can last for months on end sometimes. The reason for these tumultuous and extreme seasons is due to the elongated orbital path around the Sun. This is yet another of the quirks that make Mars such an interesting planet.

As you can see, there are so many different reasons why Mars is such a riveting and interesting planet. Scientists will continue to study the surface of Mars, and carry out future missions in order to provide results that will help reveal more about this stunning planet. These are some of the most riveting facts you definitely never knew about the Red Planet.