Rising technologies everyone will be talking about in 2020

Technology has seen a steady rise in the twenty first century. Not a year goes by without notable technological innovations being made. The presence of big tech companies and a myriad of start-ups full of ideas has ensured that there is never a lull in the industry. With technology having an impact on almost every aspect of our lives from health to communication to leisure, it’s evident that there’s no going back. Things that were once thought impossible or the stuff of science fiction are now part of our daily lives, and with the pace that technology is evolving, there’s definitely more to come.

The year 2020 holds promises of bigger and better innovations. Some that have already been put in place are set to gain more popularity and influence, becoming so much more common place. There are expectations of even newer technologies, but these five are the rising technologies everyone will be talking about in 2020:

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Automation brings an entirely new perspective to the idea that technology gets things done. Here, it doesn’t just make it easy for you to do your chores, it actually does them for you. Imagine going to shop in a store where there are no cashiers, where everything is automated. Amazon has already taken the first step towards major automation in technology with an automated grocery store. While this is a pretty costly technology at the moment, further development is expected to make it more accessible.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, also commonly referred to as AI, has been slowly making its way through many tech devices over the last few years. It mostly works at making these devices give the best output, getting rid of non-standard results. AI seeks to simplify interaction with devices, and is able to monitor and customize features for specific users.


The financial industry has not been left behind in matters technology as the popularity of Cryptocurrency in recent times indicates. Cryptocurrency is a kind of digital currency used as a token of exchange. With its rise has been the emergence of millions of digital coins such as Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple.

Photo: BURST


Blockchain’s rise is directly tied to the popularity of Cryptocurrency. It’s a decentralized ledger that aids in the exchange of digital coins by keeping track of the data showing details of transactions, and to who the Cryptocurrency belongs to. This technology smoothens transactions between the trading parties.

The Internet of Things

Talking of automation, the Internet of Things has been the biggest thing in technological circles in the last few years. It has taken the market by storm, as it continues to make daily tasks much easier and effortless, demanding less time. The Internet of Things is basically a technology that creates an ecosystem of physical objects such as devices, vehicles and appliances. In this setting, these things exchange data automatically without any exterior prompting. A good example is Amazon’s Alexa. In 2020, the Internet of Things is expected to be capable of so much more.