A ranking of the strongest Marvel superheroes

With so many Marvel characters in the comics and the Cinematic Universe, each with a unique set of abilities, it can be difficult to decide who is the strongest. Some of these characters have faced off against each other which helps make the decision easier, but the ability of each hero does vary from writer to writer. Anyway, here is a ranking of some of the top Marvel Superheroes based on their abilities and interactions.


Deadpool Max is first on the list because there is an issue in the comic books where he defeats every character in the Marvel Universe. If that doesn’t make him the strongest character, nothing else will. There is some debate as to whether Deadpool is a superhero or an anti-hero, but there are multiple instances where Deadpool is rather heroic, so although he is somewhat unconventional, we think he is fit to be a superhero.

A ranking of the strongest Marvel superheroes

Captain Marvel

Many different characters have taken the identity of Captain Marvel, but for this discussion, we’ll focus on the Cinematic Captain Marvel whose alias is Carol Danvers. She is one of the more powerful superheroes in the Marvel Universe because she is able to emit some serious cosmic energy while absorbing other energies at the same time. This is amongst one of her many cosmic energy manipulation abilities as well as superhuman strength, superhuman speed, and durability.


It would only make sense that the Norse God of Thunder would be amongst the most powerful individuals in the Marvel Universe. Able to emit powerful lightning bolts that can destroy hundreds of enemies at a time, as well as level buildings and natural structures, Thor is a real might to be reckoned with. In the Cinematic Universe, he undergoes an awakening that boosts his physical strength and durability. With this newfound strength, he is able to take on some of the most powerful villains in the universe.


With his appearances in films declining, it might be difficult to remember the raw strength and power Wolverine brings to the table. The most telling moment of Wolverine’s strength is when he defeats the Phoenix in X-Men: The Last Stand. He is one of the few mutants able to stop Jean Gray in her destruction, a feat not even Charles Xavier could claim. His adamantium skeleton and regenerating abilities make him one of the most difficult characters to face, and most of his foes think twice before taking him on.

A ranking of the strongest Marvel superheroes

Iron Man

The genius philanthropist known as Tony Stark may not have any superpowers, but that actually works to his advantage. If you think about it, not many superheroes can claim their fame entirely through their own success. Most of the other superheroes get their powers through cosmic events or scientific disasters, but Iron Man built himself up almost entirely on his own. He plays a very important role in The Avengers series, to the point that they may not have been able to win without him.

Scarlet Witch

Another Marvel character with some impressive energy manipulation abilities is the Scarlet Witch. She is able to form force fields, energy blasts, and even has telekinetic abilities. Her abilities are strongly linked with her emotions and in one of the cinematic scenes, she destroys a full legion of robots with one energy blast.