The most random comic book cameos by real people in history

If you are a comic book fan, then you know that crossovers can either really work, or really bomb. The idea of characters, or people, from totally different worlds, can seem extremely exciting, especially as you have no idea what kind of challenges they’re going to face together. Comics have suffered at the hands of TV shows and movies, but they remain an important part of popular culture and a positive influence in many people’s lives. For this reason, creators try and keep the content fresh and exciting, and one way of doing this is cameos! So, here are some of the most random comic book cameos ever.

David Letterman with ‘The Avengers’

Well, real-world crossovers can be stranger, but in a way, this one makes a lot of sense. If the Avengers were real, then there is a high chance that everyone else in the world would want to have a piece of them. While it is incredibly entertaining simply having the Avengers actors on talk shows, imagine having the real deal. It would be unbelievable. For many fans, this issue did not disappoint with all the right parts of cheesy awesomeness.

David Letterman with ‘The Avengers’

Eminem in ‘The Punisher’

Who would have known this stoic rapper would appear in a Marvel comic book. Well, it turns out that Eminem is a huge fan of comic books, he claims that reading the stories helped get him through some seriously dark times. While this is probably one of the reasons a cameo exists, it is also one of the weirder stories you will probably read. Of course, they meet while Eminem is rapping at a concert and the Punisher just happens to accidentally end the lives of his crew. Naturally, Eminem is angry and manages to get the better of the Punisher before they team up together. It seems extremely unlikely that Eminem would ever get the better of the Punisher, but we’ll go with it.

DC Comics and Looney Tunes

This is not a cross over we ever could have imagined in a million years. However, somehow, it works. Of course, this isn’t meant as an epic tale of events, but a quirky mixture of personalities, especially as they’re of generational significance for many. This crossover gives the Looney Tunes characters more to use on their usual quests.

Muhammad Ali VS. Superman

This may have been a more believable adaptation than Batman Vs. Superman. However, this comic crossover involved one of the world’s most prolific boxers ending up in a boxing match against Superman. Sadly, whenever Superman is involved, and kryptonite isn’t, you pretty much know who’s going to win, and that stands for this issue too! Of course, having a bit of fun now and then doesn’t hurt, and these cameo crossovers are just the thing everyone needs sometimes.

Muhammad Ali VS. Superman

Stan Lee

Of course, we can’t miss out Stan Lee. While it is commonly known that he features in almost every Marvel movie adaptation ever, it isn’t as well known that he also does this in the comics too. Stan is recently departed, and Avengers: Infinity War movie makers included a ‘Marvel’ introduction in his memory, worthy of shedding a few tears. However, he will also forever be remembered within the eternal pages of his comic book creations.

There have been a wealth of real people cameos in comic books including all of the Spiderman actors from the real world such as Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire. They’re barmy, but they’re a whole load of fun too.