Nostalgic properties we wish were rebooted

When we’re growing up, while we don’t know it at the time, there is always a TV show that eventually becomes iconic. Most people after growing out of these TV shows reminisce about them with their friends, especially since it’s usually the shows most people watched without even realizing it. Once the generation becomes the next set of animators and movie makers, what is stopping them from turning these shows into epic reboots?

Well, while many brilliant shows got the reboot they deserve, introducing a more up-to-date version that appeals to the next generation, there are also many that were left behind. Here are a few shows that need to have reboots before they end up as nothing more than a fond memory.

Bionic Six

Bionic Six

In this day and age, this kind of TV show is exactly what everybody is looking for. This show is plotted around a character called Jack Bennett, who has parts of his body bionically augmented. One day he and his family are on vacation in the Himalayas when they are all suddenly buried by an avalanche that was triggered by an alien spacecraft. They were exposed to radiation of some kind, although Jack was untouched. The family was then subjected to the same biological augmentation process in order to save them. This show touches on some explored themes but has a legendary way of making it exciting and captivating at the same time.

Adventures of the Gummi Bears

To those who are unfamiliar with the show, it might sound quite juvenile, but the show tackles some seriously awesome fantastical ideas. The bears have supposedly been around for hundreds of years, and have their own advancements both magical and mechanical. Their history details that they struggled with humans who tried to do them harm, which forced them to flee or go into hiding. The show was incredible and appealed to children massively. If there is any show that deserves a modern remake to bring back a bit if magic, it’s this one.

Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends

While there have been many remakes and creations involving Spider-Man, especially with the latest big screen movie Spider-Man: Far From Homecoming out. However, there are a few characters and storylines you just can’t replace. Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends had some impressive crossovers that we’d love to see in the MCU, they pair up with the likes of Thor, Iron Man, and X-Men.

Galaxy High School

This series was created by Chris Columbus who is also known for The Goonies and Gremlins, so it’s no wonder this show was seriously popular. It wasn’t a particularly long series, but the impression it left stayed with the people who were fans of the show. The show followed two students who went to school in outer space and encountered all kinds of things. This is definitely a show that needs bringing back.

Galaxy High School

Dungeons and Dragons

Does this show even need an introduction? This is still an incredibly popular board game, which has influenced loads of people, including movies and series. However, this series was less dark and more fun, making it perfect for most ages. It’s also a great way of introducing it to the younger generation, keeping it alive.

There are definitely some classics that need to have a reboot, they were much beloved by all, and we’re sure people would be pumped to see their favorite shows revamped.