All about the new iPhone’s charging cable

When it comes to phones, Apple is pretty much at the forefront of development. They still face competition from Android, but it’s the former who seem to crop up everywhere we look. Whether its phones, tablets, computers or even watches, Apple are determined to cement themselves as the best technology developer of the 21st century. With every new product comes some major adjustments, and with a new iPhone just around the corner, it looks like the latest model might be bringing a rather significant change with it.

Changing cables

Over the course of its lifetime, Apple products have seen several redesigns when it comes to their charging cables. The original iPod used FireWire, a cable that many current Apple users probably don’t even know exists. Shortly after, the products moved on to the 30-pin connector which was utilized for several of the company’s iPods, iPhones and iPads. It was only a few years ago that the next change happened, with all new products moving onto Lightning cables as their source of charge. If you thought that these were here to stay, though, you might be in for a surprise.

A new connection

Rumors have surfaced recently that Apple’s latest line of iPhones and other products will use a USB-C connection. Photos speculated to be related to the company show a charging port with this connection type on one side, suggesting that Apple will be spicing things up in the coming months. This isn’t the first time they’ll have used this connection type, as their latest range of laptops also use it. However, it will be a significant change for iPhone users if the company does indeed go ahead with this new design plan.

The good news

Apple incorporating this cable into their products makes a lot of sense, because these connectors offer a much better charging experience. You’ll be able to get your phone back to 100% a lot quicker, which is great if you’re short on time. These connectors are also much easier to plug in, and they can transfer a more considerable amount of data than Lightning cables. However, the change in design wouldn’t be without its downsides.

The bad news

Unfortunately, if Apple does alter its charging port, existing iPhone users will be out of luck. Unless you buy one of the company’s new products when they’re released, the new charging cable won’t be of any use to you. While it’s not the end of the world, it does mean that you won’t have the same charging capacity as those using the newer phones. Also, it means you won’t have the benefit of borrowing your friend’s charger cables if they’ve shelled out for the latest release. Then again, if you’re the only one of your mates who has the new iPhone, then you’ll still be in the same boat.

Purely speculation

Whether this redesign is going to happen or not is unknown. As it stands, this is pure speculation based on pictures that recently emerged from an unverifiable source. Although the change in charging connectors wouldn’t be unreasonable for Apple moving forward, the company has yet to confirm whether or not this is their intention for their next line of products. Until we know for sure, we’ll keep our ears to the ground in the hope that new details will come to light.

You can’t make advancements without incorporating some changes along the way. If Apple wants to continue improving their products, they’ll have to adapt their technology to include the latest trends. USB-C connections offer a more powerful charging experience, and that’s something that buyers are always on the lookout for with their tech products. If it means we won’t have to wait for ages for our phones to charge up, we’ll welcome this potential change with open arms.