Never Overspend Again! Use These 7 Tips for Finding Amazing Discounts Online

We all love online shopping. It’s fun, and it can be super addictive. The problem is that it can eat away at your bank account faster than you think. So what do you do? You learn the craftiest ways people use to save thousands of dollars and still get everything they want. Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong! We’ve got all the tips you need to pull off massive shopping sprees that will leave you checking out for cents.

Abandon your cart

This is a good tip for the craftiest among us. If you have stuck items in your cart, but weren’t sure about buying them, leave them alone. Do this for a few days while staying logged into the website. The site will see you waffling, and more than half the time will send you a coupon because they want you to buy it. In some cases, they even lower the price and shoot emails and reminders to let you know. Either way, letting them think they’re going to lose you as a customer gets them to bring the deals. 

Go incognito

Here’s a tip that isn’t just handy for clothes, but for jewelry and flights as well. If you go on incognito mode, you’re less likely to experience dynamic pricing. This is when companies use your information to see how often you’ve looked on the site or a product. They see you like it, hike the price up, and make you think you have to have it now. Clear your cookies and history if you aren’t in secret mode, and this shouldn’t be a problem anymore. 

Woot is a great place to find the best deals for things you really want. Long before other sites came into place, Woot was on the scene to give you deals on gadgets and electronics. Since they’ve gained popularity, they have moved into clothing and wine. Bought by Amazon, they offer great quality and speed, reaching out to people – just like their owners do – with high quality and low-priced deals! Remember to go incognito!

Check out sites that let you score gift cards for cheap!

There’s no better gift you can give than a gift card, but you should never pay full price for one. Instead, take a peek at DealGifter. This online gift card marketplace allows you to snag a heavily discounted gift card for all of your favorite brands. Looking to get your boss a gift card to the ‘Bucks, but don’t want to shell out big bucks? DealGifter’s got you covered. From Amazon to Walmart, there’s a discount gift card available for every budget.

Even better, DealGifter is incredibly user-friendly. Once you find the one you want, all you need to do is head to the online checkout. They take a wide variety of payment options, including ACH and even Zelle. And forget about waiting for it to come in the mail; your gift card will be sent to your email inbox in just a matter of minutes (usually ten minutes or less!). The icing on the cake, though? They have no expiration dates. It’s a win-win all around.

Become loyal

Every site has an email loyalty club. The best part about signing up is you get a freebie. In most cases, you get one for signing up and one on your birthday. Furthermore, for several outstanding loyalty clubs, you get periodic freebies throughout the year. If you don’t get one, they usually give you a coupon that makes an item free. As your favorite brands want to keep you happy, shopping gets cheaper and cheaper. So go treat yo’ self!

Shop at the right time

Sales go on all the time, and when they do, guess who gets free shipping and great deals? Even better? Wait until your birthday. It is the most fabulous time to go crazy about online shopping for pennies. Some have gotten so good that they claim rewards during the entire month of their birthday and not spend a dime on food, clothing, and even electronics. Use this tip for yourself, and you can rake in the freebies!

Use multiple coupons 

Some sites will let you pair deals with each other. For example, DSW shoes will let you do a free shipping deal, a clearance sale, and a credit (or promo code) all in one! Popular clothing sites will let you use a promo code, free shipping, and a birthday freebie. Knowing what the site will let you do is a big plus because you save twice as much. For ladies, you can get that dress you’ve wanted to rock, and men can look dashing in that new sports jacket that finally went on sale.

Earn cash back for shopping

We’ve all heard of sites that pay you to shop or give you money back. Rakuten is a famous example. They will allow you to get a percentage back on what you buy, and others will provide you with gift cards and rewards for shopping online. Even apps like Ibotta have begun offering ways to pay you for shopping online and earning money back! Following the Internet’s footsteps, even some banks started to offer cashback deals for online shopping.

Retailmenot is a great example. Partnered with Best Buy,, Macy’s, Sephora and more, they offer more than 50,000 different retailers for you to choose from, as well as promotions and deals. Nowadays, they even have a quicker app for better shopping and access.

Don’t stick with one site

Compare different sites for different prices. Many times one site will hike the price astronomically high, while other sites want to beat the competition and keep costs low. That being said, don’t get taken by a website that buys in bulk and sells things for cheap. Those sites don’t exude quality; they push quantity. That means you get a lower quality item. Make sure that you stick to reputable sites to ensure you get a lower price but high quality. You deserve the best item at the best price!