Why you need to clean your earbuds

Looking after stuff and making sure it is taken care of is a really important part of your lifestyle. So is taking care of your health and body, and where the two things meet is where you have to be especially careful. Let’s take, for example, your earbud – now, these play an important role in your lifestyle and your social life. You probably use them on a daily basis, several times per day, especially if you have a commute to work.

But, because you use them every day, you have to make sure you keep them as clean as you possibly can. You need to look after your stuff and keep the things you use clean and tidy. But, it’s not as though you can just chuck them in the dishwasher, so how do you keep them clean? We’re going to examine why and how below! Why?

They go in your ears

The most obvious and logical reason to keep your earbuds clean is because they go in your ears on a daily basis. In fact, there’s a good bet you use them a minimum of twice per day, sometimes even more. You don’t want to run the risk of having unknown substances coming into contact with your ears, as this could release bacteria, and cause ear infections. Furthermore, sharing your earbuds with someone else also increases the risk of infection too. So, you need to make sure you keep them clean as often as possible, and as well as you possibly can.

You want the best sound quality

The more your buds get used, the more they will get clogged up with earwax and other things. In order to ensure you get the best sound quality, you need to make sure you keep them wax and dirt free as much as you possibly can. Having the best sound quality is essential, and one of the reasons why you bought them in the first place. You want to be able to enjoy your tunes or your podcast in the clearest and crispest way possible, and this is one of the reasons why it’s vital that you keep them clean. How?

Be gentle

The first thing to remember is to be gentle in terms of cleaning the earbuds. You’re not scrubbing last night’s casserole dish – this is a delicate and fragile item, and if you’re too hard with it, you might damage the buds. Use a gentle cleanser during the cleaning process, like hand soap or makeup remover, and make sure you use a gentle cloth to really keep it clean without damaging them. Being gentle is the first part of the process, and handling the earbuds with care will ensure longevity, and help them stay in working order for longer.

Remove the covers

Some of the better earphones, those like Apple ones, come with removable and replaceable silicon covers. These allow you to change the dirtier covers for clean, fresh ones, while you tend to the ones you’ve used for a while and make sure they are clean. The covers are much easier to clean once they’ve been removed, and they will make the whole experience much easier. Try to make sure you have earbuds with removable covers wherever possible.

So, as you can see, keeping your earbuds clean is actually very important, and the best way of ensuring longevity and top quality. There are so many ways your earbuds might be affected by constant use, so you have to make sure you keep them clean and tidy as much as possible. This guide should help you understand the importance of keeping them clean, as well as how to do it.