Must have tech gadgets of right now

As the world continues to turn, the tech on offer continues to grow. Whoever knew there could be so many things we needed all these years? Certainly not us! However, there are some must-have tech gadgets of right now that might just leave you wanting to hit the store before they’re gone.

Portable chargers

Our phones are a huge part of our lives. Imagine going longer than 2 minutes without checking social media or texting your friends? We have chills just thinking about it. So when out and about, it can be vital to keep your cell full of juice. Portable chargers are great as they’re lightweight, full of power, and, you guessed it, portable! No longer do you have to worry about a flat battery when you just need to Instagram.

Must have tech gadgets of right now

Smart speakers

You may have seen them everywhere, but what is the fuss with these smart speakers? Google, Amazon, and Apple all have their own versions on the market that are there to make our lives just that bit easier. From playing your favorite playlist to ordering groceries, all you need to do is talk to your speaker, and you’ll have everything you need. We really are living in 3018 now.

Wireless earbuds

In a choice that divided the nation, Apple announced their iPhone 7 would no longer have a headphone jack. We know, it still seems crazy. But this has opened the door for a brand new tech craze that is both stylish and practical: wireless earbuds. Now you can listen to your music without the worries of tangled cables. Plus, if you have long hair or a hat, you can even hide your earbuds without anyone ever knowing. Perfect.


How is everything becoming so smart all of a sudden? Another piece of tech jumping on the smart craze is the watch. These gadgets can double up as mini phones thanks to all that knowledge packed into one wearable piece of tech. Plus, smartwatches can act as fitness trackers meaning keeping active is easier than ever before.

Video doorbells

Have you ever been in the other room, heard the bell go, and realized you just don’t want to get up from your comfy space? Yeah, us too. Far not; we may have a solution for you. Video doorbells mean you can see how is disturbing your private time all from the comfort of your couch. Plus, some even have the ability to answer the door too meaning you never have to get up again.

Must have tech gadgets of right now

Smart thermostats

Okay, we’ll stop with all this smart tech – it’s starting to make us feel a bit inferior now. But there is one more that we just can’t leave off the list – the smart thermostat. These aren’t only stylish, but they’re also one of the best money-saving devices out there as you can control your home’s heating from wherever you are in the world.

Pet cams

What could be better than sitting at your desk at work while being able to watch your pet at home? Sure, you probably should be working, but we won’t tell if you don’t. These cameras can link up to our phones meaning we can see what our four-legged friends get up to at all times. The best bit? Many of these come with treat dispensers too. Oh, how did we never know these existed before?

There are so many wonderful gadgets out there on the market. Some we need, some are just crazy, but we still can’t imagine a life without them. Now it’s just time to think about where we are going to keep all the latest must-have tech gadgets of right now.