How much a trip to space would cost in the future

Let’s be honest, we all love going on vacation. In the past, we’ve been pretty happy just to go on a good ol’ American road trip, travel around Europe, or even go to the Caribbean if you’re feeling a little fancy. Yet, the times are changing, and with new and improved technology coming into our lives, it’s now easier than ever to make our childhood dreams come true. After all, we all dreamed of being an astronaut when we were kids, right? We hoped to spend our days floating around the moon (which is obviously made of cheese), and we hoped to plonk a flag onto a brand new planet that would be named after us. Well, it seems as though these dreams may now be able to come to fruition, as space travel is on the horizon. But how much will it really cost?

Photo: NASA

Virgin Galactic

There are numerous companies offering everyday people the chance to go into space and achieve their dreams – but many people have questioned whether this dream-making expedition can really be for the everyday man or woman. As one of the leading companies in this movement, Virgin Galactic is getting ready to take customers on a six-minute trip above the earth to experience what weightlessness is really like and to look down at the vast space beyond. So far, more than 600 people have signed up to take this trip, with most of them being celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Ashton Kutcher, and Katy Perry. This is because a single ticket will set you back around $250,000!

Blue Origin

Some of you may know the name Jeff Bezos – because he’s arguably one of the richest men in the world. As the founder of Amazon, Jeff has gone from strength to strength in the realm of business, but it seems he has now set his sights on private space flights. His private company, Blue Origin, has since gathered together a team of the best scientists around to provide quick and efficient space travel for human beings. Their flights will last a little longer than a Virgin Galactic flight (four minutes longer!), but no official price has yet been announced. However, rumors suggest a flight will cost you between $100,000 and $200,000 – which is more than double what the average person earns a year.

Photo: NASA

Zero-G: The Weightlessness Experience

If you’ve always wanted to go to space for the feeling of weightlessness but weren’t so keen on hurtling through the atmosphere at ridiculous speeds, the Zero G: The Weightlessness Experience might be for you. This experience keeps you firmly settled on terra firma, but is one of the only experiences on earth that will give you a real-life feel of what space is really like. You will be able to experience true weightlessness as if you were in a space capsule – and it’s much cheaper than actually going into space! A trip lasting from 90 -100 minutes will only set you back $4,500 + 5% tax, which means that you’re getting a lot more for your money. This also means that it’s more accessible to the average person.

Most of us have always dreamt of going into space, but taking off in a space suit and wandering around the moon isn’t as easy as it looks. Scientists are still developing the technology for space tourism, and it seems they’re not just there yet. While these prices are extortionate, we can only imagine that the prices will go down when space travel becomes a much more common experience. At least, that’s what we hope will happen…