Movies to watch while getting over a breakup

Breaking up with someone is always hard, no matter which party decided to end things – or the reason it ended. Getting over a break-up can be a challenge for most people, but there are some things you can do to help yourself feel better during this difficult time. We’re talking, of course, about watching movies – and possibly indulging in some good quality ice cream, which definitely couldn’t hurt. These romantic movies and feel-good love stories are perfect for those times we have to get over someone, take our minds off things, and get those tears out of the way. So let’s dive into some of our old-time favorites and see which films are perfect for that post-breakup mood.

Movies to watch while getting over a breakup

“Eat, Pray, Love”

You may not be in a position to pack up and go traveling the world to find inner peace right now, but you can certainly get transported into that reality watching Liz (Julia Roberts) do it. Fall in love with pizza, find your true worth, and learn to love yourself as you find inner peace alongside her character… Who knows, one day you may just get the opportunity to do it yourself.

“La La Land”

If musicals are more your thing then La La Land is perfect for you. The music and dancing will definitely lift your spirits. The essence of the movie, is that ultimately all relationships help you grow and may even help you see your true potential, who you are and who you want to be. A relationship may not last forever, but it would have served its purpose for that season in your life. Now you say, Thank you, next!

“How To Be Single”

I’m sure that after your breakup, your best friends rallied around you trying to cheer you up, and thought the best way was to get back out there and party your blues away… Well, that’s exactly what this movie is all about. Check out how Alice (Dakota Johnson) deals with getting dumped and how her best friend Robin (Rebel Wilson) shakes things up for her newly single friend in this hilarious rom-com.

Movies to watch while getting over a breakup

“The Wedding Singer”

This movie will show you how you can go from basically rock bottom to the tippy top of the love scale. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore’s characters are real examples that you can find love in the most unexpected places and that there is always a silver lining after a bad breakup. This rom-com may be an oldie but an absolute goodie that will get you believing in love again. If not that, at least it will have you stitches, and we all know laughter is great medicine for the soul.