Movies to set the perfect mood for traveling

Sometimes, a good movie is all you need to get you doing something you’ve always wanted to. It doesn’t just instill in you a sense of confidence, but also a dose of inspiration. Furthermore, you’ll get a sense of familiarity after watching a place on screen, saving you the agony of feeling like a clueless stranger when you finally get there. Let’s not forget the excitement of walking into places that you saw on the movie. That said, let’s look at some movies that can help set the perfect mood for traveling for you:

Hecho En México

You’ll love Hecho En México if you’re planning on visiting this popular North American destination. This film gives you a real life depiction of the country, from geography to culture. We all know a little of something about Mexico’s music, or have at least come across it somewhere. This movie gives you the real picture, showing you all the ways and places you can truly enjoy the rich Mexican heritage.

Hecho En México

Disney Nature: African Cats

There’s nothing to get you into the mood for a game safari than watching animal documentaries. So, if you would like to go see some wild life in Kenya, Disney Nature: African Cats is the movie for you. Watch as two cat families fight for survival in the Maasai Mara National Reserve. After all, watching animals gets more exciting when you know a bit or two about their behaviors.

Before Sunrise Trilogy

The three movies of the Before Sunrise Trilogy cover three breathtaking destinations for you. Vienna in Australia, Paris in France, and Greece. Go on a trip with Celine and Jesse as their story unfolds in these three exciting European settings. Thanks to the brilliant production, you’ll love the scenery and might just find yourself booking the next flight out to any of these places!


If you have been thinking about touring Spain, watching Volver should be part of your preparation. This is a movie about Madrid, Spain’s capital. You get to see Various aspects of the Spanish culture through the stories of three women. It’s like a Spanish past and modern history, cultural and a small language lesson wrapped into one brilliant movie.


It’s almost impossible to come across a travel enthusiastic who does not feature Paris on their destinations wish list. Amelie gives one a clear perception of the city. Get to see various spots that you would love to visit once you get to the City of Lights. And, of course, it’s always important to know a thing or two about the locals in your planned destination. Amelie will give you the Parisian experience, alongside familiarizing you with a couple of French words.


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Other than watching Walter Mitty live out almost everyone’s dream, – giving up daily obligations, responsibilities and frustrations to go off on an adventure – this movie treats you to the unique natural scenery in Iceland. It will definitely have you feeling like packing your bags and just flying away.

Grab a bowl of popcorn, get that DVD and let your movie selection set you up for your next exciting trip!