Why melons are the best frozen fruit to chill your drinks with

Summer is an amazing time of year, but it can get pretty warm. By warm, we mean burning hot, and there’s never any escape from it. Unless you have an air conditioning unit in your house, dealing with the heat can be an absolute nightmare. This is an excellent time to drink plenty of water, because it keeps you hydrated and helps cool your body down. However, if you’re usually a fan of more flavorful drinks then don’t worry. We’ve got the perfect solution to make your water both refreshing and tasty.

Adding flavor

When you want to make your drink colder, your first instinct is to reach for some ice cubes, right? There’s nothing better to add to a glass of water to keep it cool, although it doesn’t really do anything for the flavor. That’s why you should add some fruit to your drink.

Why melons are the best frozen fruit to chill your drinks with

We’re not talking about cutting open a kiwi and just dropping it into your water, that would be weird. However, if you freeze fruit, it essentially becomes like an ice cube, only with added flavor. You can do this with pretty much whatever fruit you want, although it will be more effective with some foods compared to others. There’s one fruit, in particular, that’s ideal for cooling down your beverage.

Why you should choose melons

When it comes to fruity ice cubes, it’s melon that you want to be adding to your drink. Not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind, we know, but there’s something about melons that make them ideal for this purpose. They’re filled with water, just like most other fruits, but the amount they have is a lot higher than others. As we know, water freezes when temperatures hit 32 degrees Fahrenheit, which is how we’re able to have ice cubes in the first place. So, if melons have a high water content, then that means they’re a lot more likely to freeze.

This isn’t the only reason melons are so useful as ice cubes, though. They also hold their freeze for a longer time, which means they keep their consistency in the glass. No-one wants a soggy piece of fruit lurking about in their water.

Why melons are the best frozen fruit to chill your drinks with

What melons work best?

The melon that’s best for your water is the one you enjoy the taste of the most. It doesn’t matter which one you go for, they all boast the same useful qualities. So whether you’re a watermelon fan or a cantaloupe craver, you’ll be able to enjoy your water with plenty of flavor. You can even go for cucumbers if they float your boat. They’re technically a melon, so they’re just as good a choice for chilling your drinks.

Not just water

While it’s water that you should be making sure to drink plenty of during these hot months, you can use these fruit cube tips for other beverages too. They work well in cocktails if you fancy something with a bit of a kick, although try not to go too overboard. With all this hot weather, the last thing you need is to be feeling worse for wear when you wake up tomorrow morning.

It’s important to try and drink several liters of water a day on a regular basis, but it’s essential when the weather is so nice. The heat may seem inescapable, but small things like this can make a big difference in keeping you cool. Plus, when you can add some fruit-flavored ice cubes to your drink, you never have to worry about sacrificing taste for hydration.