What It Means When Couples Constantly Post About Each Other On Social Media

Perhaps when browsing through your phone, you have seen THAT couple on social media. The ones where no matter what time of the day they’re uploading #throwback or #lazyday or #matchy in a bid to dominate everyone’s feeds with how in love they are. Blurgh. But what could all these photos really mean about that social media couple?

Security issues

Although it may look as though couples in these photos are stronger than ever, that is merely the power of the internet for you. Studies suggest that people continually uploading posts are actually trying to find ways to make themselves feel more secure. What they lack in partnership communications – such as actually saying “I love you” every now and then – these dynamic duos are searching for other people to tell them how well their relationship is doing. Reading the comments about how good they look together can be enough for these couples without having actually to say it to each other themselves. This isn’t true for everyone, but it could be more of a reason for those endless selfies than you think.

Controlling problems

Perhaps you only see one half of the relationship posting all over social media? Clingy, right? Well, that may not be too far from the truth. Research has suggested that posting about their partner is almost like claiming their territory. If they were dogs, they would be peeing all over Facebook. When you think about it, if you’d seen constant updates about how “in love” someone was, you’d remember who their partner was. So chances are you aren’t going to try anything. Therefore the partner wins.

Creating an image

Sometimes the couples know that they have an entirely different relationship in the eyes of everyone else compared to what happens behind closed doors. Whether they annoy you or not, chances are you’ve seen at least one of those photos and felt a small twinge of jealousy. That is precisely what they want. Even if they’re not in a perfect relationship (which let’s face it, who is?), giving off this impression can give some couples the ego boost they are searching for. The likes and comments they get online then translate into an overall feeling of happiness.

The relfie craze

Yup, you read that right: the relfie. Selfies no longer cut it, now it’s all about the perfect relationship selfie AKA the relfie. Studies have shown that sometimes couples focus more on getting the perfect snap than actually enjoying the moment. So you know those vacations pics, or the dinner date moments that you see plastered all over the internet? Well, it could actually mean that the duo you’re looking at have no interest in spending time together. In fact, their dedication to the other only goes as far as they look good in photos – ouch.

So it looks as though you could really be #blessed without telling everyone on the internet – who knew?! While it may seem sweet to post pictures continually on social media, it looks as though there could be many hidden meanings behind the snaps. Plus, you’re probably just getting on everyone else’s nerves!