So what we love Lord of the Rings so much?

Well, biasness aside. There are many people who love Harry Potter; others love Star Wars or Star Trek. And still, there are so many generations who can’t get enough of Game of Thrones, Percy Jackson, or Hunger Games. In actuality, several fandoms have their devoted followers, with some of them even being a tad crazy. Most derived inspirations from books that have been adapted for the big screen. But, despite the fact that there are so many to pick from, Lord of the Rings seems to be many people’s favorite by far, and there are reasons why we love Lord of the Rings so much.

So what we love Lord of the Rings so much?

Influential female characters

Few works of fiction, particularly from the 1930, depict women in powerful or influential roles. But, one of the reasons why LOTR beats the odds is because of highlighting women in certain strong roles often intended for men. Women characters such as Galadriel and Arwen are strong Elvish characters with the zeal to take on evil. We also have another woman character; Eowyn of Rohan, whose beauty and boldness is unparalleled. These women are admirable and stand out from their male equivalents, especially because they showcase positive feminine qualities. While Galadriel is calm and composed, only speaking when necessary, Arwen depicts a compassionate woman character. On the other hand, Eowyn is a radical woman character who breaks the stupid rules of men.

Villains we love to detest

Of course, the Lord of the Rings couldn’t be the true LOTR without depiction of your typical villains. The most obvious bad guys include the likes of Saruman, Sauron, and Gollum. But, one of the tiniest and most reviled villains is Grima Wormtongue. He assisted Saruman take absolute control over King Rohan’s mind, making him abandon his dying son and cast out his nephew. Then, after his manipulative nature was discovered, he slipped off to tattle Saruman. Honestly, we hate him but he does make the LOTR pretty cool to watch.

So what we love Lord of the Rings so much?

Good Surpasses Evil

Truth be told: no one hates a movie where good actions triumph over evil. We all love such movies for they make us feel some warmth and hope deep inside. Now, some of you would want to argue that we have several movies that depict this, and that’s true. However, LOTR is a little different from the rest. In Lord of the Rings, good people struggle and make sacrifices to weed out evil and bring back harmony to the world. In LOTR, we come across people who aren’t born heroes but they have to struggle their way through fears to do the right thing. Do you still remember Frodo Baggins? Well, this is one character that wasn’t exactly the most audacious hobbit in Middle Earth. Frodo did whatever he could to overcome his fears, and he ultimately did!

Through Lord of the Rings, we also learn the value of teamwork and the need to put our differences away toward achieving a common goal. In LOTR, we witness several unique characters and races coming together and consolidating efforts to save the world. Such characters include hobbits, wizards, dwarves, elves, and even mankind!