Islands that you can actually buy

How would you like to own your very own tropical island?! Like Richard Branson and Marlon Brando before you, you can become the proud owner of an actual island – assuming you have the bank balance of course! For the vast majority of us, this is nothing more than a simple pipe dream, but, that doesn’t make it any less fun to think about! It’s awesome to even know that there are islands for sale. As the songs says, it’s the lifestyle of the rich and the famous.

But, it’s not like you can simply walk into a store, point to an island and go “I want that!” Instead, there is a more complicated process behind it. Anyone buying an island is going to be parting with an awful lot of money, and this means a visit, studying paperwork, and looking at planning and development. Let’s take a look at some of the islands you could buy if you were a rock star or billionaire.

Foot’s Cay

Got a spare $16 million lying around? If so, this Bahamian island could be all yours right now. The 20-acre private paradise is just a half hour from the airport and is located in the Sea of Abaco. You can enjoy some of the most stunning surroundings in the world, and fish, dive, and snorkel in the incredible ocean. Also nearby are coral reefs and huge, sprawling sandbanks – heaven on Earth.

Islands that you can actually buy

Motu Roa

This amazing private island allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a tropical paradise and is a world away from the stresses of city life. At just north of $6.5 million, this is certainly not an island you can just decide you’re going to start saving for! Only 20 minutes from the stunning French Polynesia, this is definitely the sort of island to make all your dreams come true – as long as you can afford it!

Islands that you can actually buy

Nengo Nengo

French Polynesia must be a simply breathtaking part of the world because the area houses so many incredible islands and inlets. This 8-mile long, 5-mile wide jaw-dropper will set you back a whopping $52.25 million! Why? Well, not only is it beauty personified, but its lagoon is also home to the Tahitian Black Pearl, one of the world’s most beautiful gems.

Islands that you can actually buy

Powell Cay

Powell Cay sits just 3 miles north of the Bahamas and has a staggering 249 acres for your satisfaction. Over half of the island will become a gorgeous nature reserve, and the northern part of the island is home to some truly dazzling coastline. The idyllic beaches rank among some of the best in the tropics. It’s also up for sale for less than $8million, which is spare change compared to some of the others!

Islands that you can actually buy

So, there we have it – 4 islands money CAN buy, assuming money is no object of course! These tropical paradises are some of the most stunning places on Earth, and the perfect playground for the rich and famous. For now, the rest of us will simply have to make do with observing and fantasizing.