The internet at 30 – how the World Wide Web changed our lives

There’s so much that we rely on the internet for nowadays. However, it wasn’t that long ago that the world wide web was a new creation that people didn’t know how to handle. 2019 marks 30 years since Tim Berners-Lee introduced the concept of the internet, and it’s incredible to see how much has changed in that time. Our lives wouldn’t be the same without it, although is that for better or for worse?


Endless entertainment

Nowadays, it seems like most people in the country have a subscription to Netflix, Amazon Prime, or some other online streaming service. With an almost endless supply of movies and TV shows, these platforms have completely changed the way we consume media nowadays. Although plenty of people still watch live TV, numbers have dropped quite significantly since these sites became popular. After all, it’s so much easier to watch stuff when it suits you, rather than having to work your schedule around your favorite program. In another few years, we’d expect streaming services to become America’s primary platform for entertainment.

Increased communication

One of the most significant impacts that the internet has had is the way it’s improved communication around the world. If you had a friend in another country, you used to have to write them letters so that you could stay in contact. Now, you can just drop them a message on Facebook. Social media has completely changed our concepts of communication, and it’s helped many people keep their friendships alive. However, it’s not without its downsides. These sites are also largely responsible for the prevalence of online bullying that’s arisen in recent years. All the anonymity they provide allows people the freedom to target others without facing reprisal.

Buy, buy, buy

People rarely ever shop at physical retailers anymore. It might not seem like it, especially when you’re trying to navigate a department store during the holidays. However, many shoppers now forgo buying their products in person because they can just get them online instead. The internet has introduced the concept of online retailers where people can get everything they need without ever having to leave the house. With these sites usually offering great deals and quick delivery, people rarely have a reason to actually go out shopping anymore.


All the small jobs

Technology is slowly taking over our lives, and we’re allowing it to happen. We used to think that massive cellphones and computers were the height of technical excellence, but so much has changed since then. As the internet has continued to improve, we’ve seen the arrival of smart devices that essentially save us from doing the stuff we can never be bothered with. Whether that’s heating up the house, playing music, or simply turning on the light, technology now does it all for us. It’s pretty revolutionary, although it does mean we’re somewhat screwed if the internet ever goes down.

There’s no doubt that the internet has affected all of our lives in monumental ways. We depend on it for so much, and that’s unlikely to change as the world wide web moves towards its next big milestone.