These industries will produce the next generation of billionaires

Have you ever sat at your work desk and wondered what the heck you’re doing there? Well, you’re not alone. There are thousands of people across the world who don’t want to be working in their jobs. They wonder what they’re contributing to society, how they are helping other people, and how they are supposed to pay their rent with their minimum wage. Of course, we all wish we could magically leave our jobs and become instant millionaires in another profession, but it takes a lot of hard work. It seems you also need to choose your industry wisely…

The Agribusiness

In a world full of technology and robots that seem to be taking over our livelihood, you may be wondering why agriculture is the business of the future. How can it still be making any money? Well, it seems that as much as people try, robots and artificial intelligence still can’t make one of the few things we desperately need to survive… Food! With the population of the world growing every single year, our need for food is increasing, and this means that the demand for farmers, farmland, and produce is also increasing. If you’ve got an idea to make food more accessible for the rest of the world, your idea could be worth billions!

Mobility Services

Although we like to believe we’re fit and healthy, the world is becoming much lazier because we can now rely on machines and other people to bring us products, or take us somewhere. Yes, from pizza delivery to grocery deliveries, it’s now easier than ever to get products right to your doorstep. Because more and more people are using these services, tech companies are after new and improved ideas to make these services even better. This is where you may come in…

The Eco-Friendly Business

As more and more people walk this earth, the more our planet is struggling. Climate change is a real issue, pollution is affecting many countries around the world, and our environment is being cut down. Thankfully, we are aware of these issues, and are working on new ways to ensure that the world can remain ecologically friendly. This growing business is worth billions of dollars, and is only set to increase even more in the future. This is why those with ecological ideas and business plans need to make their move now to see the results both ecologically and financially.

Financial Services

Everyone in the world makes and spends money… Which means that until we start to pay for things with body parts, we will always need those who work within financial services. You may be a wannabe bookkeeper, accountant, or even a tax expert, and you will always be needed by average joes who struggle to save money, or celebrities who struggle to stop spending their money.


Come on, you knew this one was gonna make an appearance on this list! If you think back to just ten years ago, you’ll know that the world has changed dramatically. We now have iPhones that can connect us to anyone in the world with the click of a button, we can buy products from across the globe and have them in our hands within a week, we can use artificial intelligence to control our homes, and were even getting ready to send regular people into space! Technology is only looking to develop further, and the world of technology is looking for the newest and brightest sparks who can invent the latest development. If you’re that kind of person, you should probably get involved.

If you’re looking to make your billions, you might want to think about changing your career, because these sectors are thought to produce the next generation of billionaires…