What the human race should accomplish in the next decade

The human race has developed at an incredible rate over the thousands of years we have been around. From the invention of the wheel to modern medicine, humans are continually innovating and learning in an attempt trying to improve their lifestyles and the fortunes of future generations. Scientific discovery is key to this, as we are embarking on many exciting developmental projects aimed at making the human race even more advanced. We are taking a look into the near future to see what experts predict is next for the human race.

Wireless electricity

We are all familiar with electricity, it powers our homes, cars, towns, and cities. As it stands, electricity relies on using wires to transport the electrical current from the source to device, but scientists believe we are on the brink of getting rid of the wires altogether. We have wireless internet so why can’t we have wireless electricity? Scientists are developing magnetic fields that can transmit electricity toward electrical devices using similar technology to WIFI. Some cell phones are now capable of charging their batteries wirelessly, and this technology is likely to develop further and power our homes in the near future.

What the human race should accomplish in the next decade

Colony on Mars

While a full-blown city on the red planet is farther away, there is a possibility that people could live and survive on a small colony on Mars. To live on the planet humans will require water and food, something that so far is not on the planet, but living there for a short period of time is entirely possible. Astronauts could be sent to the planet with enough supplies to last them a short while, similar to the movie, The Martian. Fully living on Mars will require humans to develop bioregenerative processes that can essentially replace what the atmosphere on Earth does. China is believed to be leading the race to develop the technology and could debut it in the coming decade.

Internet of things

It will not be a huge surprise to lots of people that humans are spending more and more of their time on the internet. As our homes become smarter, it is not going to be too long until every device in our home is connected to the internet. Already we have internet controlled lights, heating systems, and even kitchen appliances. These smart homes are all set to save us money in the long run so we can expect many homes to convert as much of their devices to internet controlled versions over the next few years.

What the human race should accomplish in the next decade


Nanotechnology is something right out of a sci-fi story, sending tiny little robots to do the job humans are too small to do. It is hoped that nanotechnology will be used in medicine and some innovations have been made that are expected to improve the lives of people suffering from cancer. Scientists hope that the nanotechnology can work on a cellular level to destroy cancer cells and testing on humans is expected to begin in the near future.

The future is bright for the human race. We have been worried that we are destroying our planet through our behavior, but slowly it seems as though we are finding new ways of doing things without harming the planet. While the sci-fi lifestyle might still be some time away, these innovations are all set to become a reality in the next ten years.