How to help your children in picking their first hobby

We all have hobbies. Whether they’re common hobbies such as playing football, tennis, baking, and knitting or stranger hobbies like cosplay, or, in surfing, or collecting navel fluff (yes, that is really a thing. Disgusting, but true) hobbies are a welcome release from the stresses of daily life, and is the perfect chance to learn a new skill or passion. But do you remember where your passion stemmed from? For most of us, we were helped along by our parents.And now it’s your turn to pass that onto your own children.


Work out your child’s interest

Perhaps the most obvious way to help your child pick their first hobby is to hone into their likes and dislikes. Of course, if they hate setting foot in the kitchen and turn their nose up at the food you put on the dining room table (don’t take it personally, we’re sure it’s lovely) there isn’t much chance they’d like to take a children’s cooking class. However, if they love to draw (probably all over your brand new white closet doors), it might be worth taking them to a kids art class to see if it sparks a passion inside of them. Every child is different, so avoid sending a child to a class or lesson their sibling goes to. Instead, make a list of all of the activities they like, and see if you can make a hobby around it.

Test the waters

If your kid loves to do everything and anything, it can be even more difficult to hone one activity into a hobby. If this is the case, you need to test the waters. Try signing up your child to shorter sessions in different sports or activities. This way, you are not committing to anything and allowing your child to explore all avenues.They can then decide themselves whether they enjoy it and whether they want to continue. Let’s just hope they don’t choose all of them as that may hurt your bank account…


Let them decide

Sometimes, it can be easy to push your child to take part in a hobby that you loved as a child or a hobby that you wish them to try out. This could be because you want to join the other soccer moms/dads on the field on a Saturday morning, or this could be because you want to be able to paint with your child next to you. As much as this can seem desirable, this is the worst way to choose a hobby for your child. Instead, you need to let them decide. Ask them what interests them, and allow them to take that path to decide for themselves whether it is something they wish to pursue.


Watch them evolve

We all know that just like their parents, children chop and change their mood so often it’s hard to keep up. One day they’ll love soccer. The next they’ll hate it. Next week, they’ll want to take up the violin. The next they’re throwing the violin down the stairs in a tantrum. The best way to combat this is just to let the child evolve. Learning what children like and dislike over time is one of the most important factors of a parent, and you should let them explore different avenues. Of course, this should not come as a major financial burden to you. Look around your local area for free classes, orchestras, music classes or sports leagues so your child can get involved and have a go.


So, which hobby will your child try first? Just think of all the free time you’ll have if they find their passion!