A Harvard doctor says these are the exercises we should be doing

We’re bombarded all the time with the latest information that boasts itself as THE best advice on healthy living. New information from experts is constantly surfacing, aiming to tell us what the best type of exercise we should be doing is to get ourselves fit, reach our goals, and maximize results. It can often get quite confusing about what will be personally best for you.

Recently, a Havard doctor named I Min Lee, has proposed that instead of pushing ourselves to run a marathon, we should alternatively be focussing on a choice of five particular exercises. Apparently, the strenuosity of long-distance running isn’t as good for you as we first thought. Ideally, we should be doing these exercises instead. Here’s what they are.

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The main benefit of swimming is that it works nearly every muscle in your body, acting as both an aerobic and anaerobic form of exercise. This means that as well as strengthening the use of your muscles, it will also raise your heart rate, improving the health and function of your cardiovascular system. On top of this, putting on your swimming shorts is also thought to be fantastic for your mental health, lifting your mood, reducing stress levels, and fighting depression.

Tai Chi

This Chinese martial art is something anyone of any age or fitness level can enjoy. Practicing tai chi consists of learning slow, graceful, and flowing defense movements, performed at a high degree of focus, with a lot of attention paid to your breathing. The sport is thought to be extremely beneficial to both your mental and physical health, improving your balance, flexibility, and muscle strength, as well as being a wonderful form of meditation.

Weight training

There is plenty of different forms of weight training you can get into – working with barbells, dumbbells, machines, or even elastic bands. The most successful weight trainers combine all of them, focussing mostly on the use of free weights. As a beginner, start with compound exercises that use several muscle groups to improve your core strength, so that will be lifts like squats, chest press, deadlifts, etc. Consistency, proper form, and nutrition are crucial for seeing results.

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Although it may seem pretty trivial, walking can be a vital part of your exercise routine. More and more studies are surfacing that suggest walking is extremely powerful in maintaining the good health of your brain. Just 30 minutes a day is thought to significantly reduce stress, strengthen cognitive capabilities, and improve your memory.

Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are seriously overlooked when it comes to maintaining a healthy body, but research suggests focussing on exercises that work your pelvic floor is very important for looking after your internal organs. This includes your uterus, bladder, small intestine, and rectum, all of which can weaken as we get older. For the best results, create a workout which holds several different poses, holding each position for three seconds, and repeat ten times. Kegel exercises are also thought to improve performance between the sheets too.

Put on your workout shoes! It’s time to finally see the results you have been working towards for far too long. Exercise is a magic key to success and happiness in all aspects of life, so stop procrastinating and start achieving.