How the Harry Potter series changed the world

There probably isn’t a soul in the world that doesn’t know the name Harry Potter, whether you read the series, watched the movies, or even heard it whispered in passing. The Boy Who Lived enchanted countless children and rekindled the love of reading for many generations. But that is not the only mark that these wonderful books left upon the society.

Growing with the audience

Probably its biggest accomplishment is the shift in the pre-established notion that books about children are just for children. Harry Potter is the prime example of a hero who grew up with the audience. What started as a child lost in a new world became a tale of loyalty and sacrifice. Many readers grew up with the little wizard, which in turn impacted how the market sees the world of literature. The success of the series brought about an understanding that children’s literature, despite the old views, is marketable to all ages, as long as the story can interest them.

Furthermore, it cemented the fact that fantasy is not, in fact, a second-rate genre, but a way to lose yourself in a world so much different from your own. A large portion of the success of fantasy novels released in the recent decade probably owe it to the success of Harry Potter.

How the Harry Potter series changed the world

More than books

But the effect of the series did not end with a minor literary revolution. Harry Potter also changed the way we view immersion. The prime example of this is the theme park called The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This theme park is dedicated entirely to the exploration of the wizarding world, and while there are similar attractions available, namely the Disneyland, this is the only park of such proportion and popularity that is dedicated to only one franchise.

The Harry Potter universe is also ever-expanding, with additional books, movies, and screenplays. How many literary works can boast about increasing the popularity of the printed word on top of enticing people of all ages to step into the theatre – all to see their beloved characters go experience even more adventures? As cliché as it may be, this franchise is simply too magical to fade into obscurity.

Building a world

The series also impacted certain aspects of everyday life for many. With words such as muggle or quidditch making their way into the language of children who grew up with Harry Potter, it’s no surprise that the so-called geek culture received a boost as well. What may have been frowned upon before the release of the series, is now met with thunderous applause.

How the Harry Potter series changed the world

But it wasn’t just fashion that saw the change. Quidditch – a fictional sport that was brought into the real world – has seen a boost in acceptable and popularity. Granted, it still is not recognized in the Olympics, but to those who want to stay fit and enjoy the spirit of Harry Potter, this is a perfect solution.

Overall, Harry Potter not only changed the way the world views children’s books, it also impacted the lives of generations to come. The magic of the series gripped society and will not let go, introducing a vivid universe that’s ever-expanding and a generous fanbase that is ever growing and shifting, inventing and transforming.