Greatest theme parks in the world

Heading to a theme park and setting your pulse racing has been a favorite pastime of thousands of people ever since the first roller coaster was invented. There is something about worrying that this ride could be your last that keeps people coming back for more. Nowadays there are huge theme parks that accompany some of the best roller coasters in the world, and these are the greatest places for white-knuckle rides.

Universal’s Islands of Adventure – Florida, USA

There are a lot of theme parks in Florida, and thanks to the weather they stay open pretty much all year. Universal’s Islands of Adventure is packed full of some of the movie studio’s best productions, and film fans will not go disappointed.

For a start, there is the unforgettable Harry Potter world and of course the Jurassic Park area that is filled with friendly, and not-so-friendly dinosaurs. There are a ton of rides for thrillseekers to enjoy all set to the theme of their favorite films.

Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Magic Kingdom – Florida, USA

Florida really is a hotbed of theme parks, and Disney’s Magic Kingdom is a reason to head to The Sunshine State on its own. The Magic Kingdom is where all of Disney’s most famous fairy tales come to life, and every day the guests can meet a host of their favorite characters.

Nothing else really comes close to the feeling of wonder that Disney has managed to create here in the Magic Kingdom. While most of the rides won’t get your heart racing, there is so much more to do here that you won’t mind missing out.

Legoland – Billund, Denmark

Most of us have probably heard of Lego, but did you know the fun bricks actually come from Denmark in Scandinavia? Legoland in Billund was opened in 1968 right outside the original Lego factory, and it has developed into an amazing theme park. As Lego has become a global brand, it has added more and more worlds to its Legoland theme park in Denmark. Now there are so many different Lego zones to check out that any enthusiast of the building blocks will just love it.

Everland – Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea

Everland is South Korea’s largest theme park and is run, in part, by the technology giant Samsung. That means there are some pretty technologically advanced attractions here and there are several robot-themed rides for technophiles to enjoy.

It’s not all about fancy machinery though, and there are some good old-fashioned roller coasters at Everland too. The T-Express is one of the longest wooden roller coasters in the world and stretches to 5,838 feet. Along with the theme park, there is a zoo and water park attached to Everland to make sure the fun never stops.


Europa Park – Rust, Germany

This theme park first opened its gates in 1975, and since then it has grown and grown in popularity. More and more rides have been added to the park over the years, and now it boasts several white-knuckle rides that any theme park would love to have.

One of the main attractions at Europa Park is the Blue Fire ride that has several outstanding characteristics. Blue fire is a combination of a dark ride and launched roller coaster that features a heartline roll, towering vertical loop, and an extremely rare twisted horseshoe roll.

These themes parks are great for losing yourself in the environments they set out to create. Sure there are great rides at all of them, but the main thing is that no matter which one of them you go to, you’re going to have a blast.