Why you should get a new iPhone

So, the Fall has come around, and it’s decision-making time once again. Are you going to upgrade your iPhone, or will you stick with the one you’ve got? This stick or twist decision is one that plagues Apple aficionados every year, and it seems to get more difficult as well! If you’re a huge iPhone fan, might be asking “Well, why wouldn’t you get a new iPhone?” but it’s not always so simple.

People get stuck in their ways, and become attached to the phone they’ve been using. So, they don’t always want to change for something new. So, how do we convince you that you need to get a new iPhone 8? Well, there are some pretty big USPs with this phone, so let’s look at some of the main advantages, and reasons why you might well choose this over your existing cell phone.

Augmented reality

We all know about virtual reality, and how it’s evolved over the years, but augmented reality is the next evolution. This is a concept that was popularized by the Pokemon Go mobile game, and it’s revolutionized the modern phone. The AR on the iPhone 8 is just what you would expect, allowing you to experience games, videos, interior design, and editing in the best possible way, and making you feel as though you have one foot in the future at all times. AR feels much more natural than VR, and the iPhone 8 manages to offer some excellent AR for users to enjoy.

Wireless charging

Stop the clocks, all our prayers have been answered, no more need for those pesky wires that break every 6 months! We love not having to root through draws in search of just the right lead, for just the right model of phone. This has been one of the habitual annoyances of owning an iPhone over the years. Well, you can kiss this goodbye, as now you have a cool disk that you simply place your phone on and let it charge. Consider your mind blown.

The camera

Okay, so, we’ll be honest, our issue through the years with iPhones has often been the camera. It isn’t always of the quality we would like, and that makes us sad. So, it’s refreshing (and exciting) to learn that the iPhone 8 has one of the best modern cameras on the market. The image stabilization function means you’ll never have to worry about blurry photos, and having to take numerous shots of the same thing just to get one right. The light and contrast is much better, and the camera uses up significantly less memory.

True Tone

True Tone is a definite game-changer, and one of the most impressive features of the newest iPhone. There are so many things that could have been changed, but this one has really transformed the entire aesthetic. It basically changes the contrast and brightness of the screen based on the color temperature of the light around you. Trust us, before long, all smartphones are going to be using this technology, that’s how good it is.

So, you can probably guess our verdict, but we definitely think you should get the new iPhone 8. Of course, it is still fairly expensive, but this price may well drop – besides. If you’re already own a contract with iPhone, you might even be able to upgrade for nothing. This is the phone that is going to bring even more people to Apple, and might even poach some other phone users as well.