How geeks are taking over the theme park world

The wind rushing through your hair, the twists and turns along the way, and the feeling that you are going to see your lunch again at any point – of course, we’re talking about theme parks! Could there be anything else? Although many of us have taken a visit to a theme park over the years, there is a group of people taking over the parks quicker than we thought. So here is how geeks are taking over the theme park world.

Design, design, and design again

Roller coasters are soon becoming bigger and better than ever before. As soon as one park claims to have the fastest or the tallest in the world, there is another that crops up to rip their title away. How is anyone meant to keep up? That’s where geeks are stepping in to take over the world of theme parks. These are the brainiacs of the world that know all the ins and outs of how to get us going faster and seeing higher heights than ever before. Theme parks are stepping up their game and employing people at the top of their careers to make sure they can be the ones to have the most adrenaline-fuelled rides compared to anyone else in the world. Will they be able to pull it off? It seems as though these parks are willing to try, no matter the cost.


Geek chic is in

It might sound strange, but have you noticed the influx of thick-rimmed glasses and bow ties in recent years? Yup, geek chic is all the rage, and these trends are making their way into the working world. Of course, part of owning a theme park is being able to draw in a huge number of crowds. So what better way to get people walking through the gates than to have the latest trend plastered throughout your park? Exactly. Geek chic is no longer confined to the high street stores; it is about to take over the entire working world, too. This also extends to the themes of these parks. Harry Potter and Star Wars are just two of the biggest adventure zones in the world. One-nil to the geeks.

A face you can trust

If you walked into a park and the first thing you saw was a business person in a suit, would you feel comfortable? Now imagine you’ve stepped into the same park, but you’re greeted by a geeky person if everyday clothes and a little socially awkward. Feeling better? It seems as though having a geek on our side could be the key to getting more people into theme parks than ever before. It’s also believed that geeks have a face that us members of the public will trust more than a stiff in a suit. So rather than fill theme parks with people that will scare us off, it seems as though these companies would rather choose employees and owners that make us feel more at ease. How thoughtful of them!


Theme parks might be something that many of us have headed to over the years, but have you ever thought about how many geeks are taking over the world or theme parks? They might have once been the underdogs, but these legends are now creating some of the best memories of our lives, and we love every minute.