Geekiest couples in Hollywood

Hollywood is not just about the films anymore. Nowadays we are becoming more and more obsessed with the real people behind the ‘stars.’ We love to know everything and anything about our favorite celebrities, and more often than not, they are more than willing to share their weirdness with us too.

Social media has certainly allowed us to get to know our idols more, as now we have backstage access to their personal lives through the stuff they post online. It’s brilliantly entertaining to watch them fool around just like us regular folk. There’s no Hollywood star we love more than those who don’t take themselves too seriously; the type who waves their nerd flag with pride.

There are plenty of unexpected geeks on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, and what’s better than one loveable geek? Two, of course! Here are three of our favorite Hollywood couples who are never afraid to show us their loveable dorky side.

Dax Shepard & Kristen Bell

Dax Shepard & Kristen Bell

These two just had to top this list! They are the definition of a geeky Hollywood couple, and we absolutely live for it. The two first met at a Hockey game in 2007, and according to Dax, it was absolute love at first sight. Since then, they have had two children together, and officially tied the knot in 2013.

Dax and Kristen are unashamedly geeky, once turning up at a GOT premiere with tops saying “Stark in the streets, wildling in the sheets”. They don’t hold back on social media either, once sharing their board gaming escapades at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards. Who could forget their hilariously corny video recreation of Toto’s Africa? If you haven’t seen it, we recommend checking it out.

Jennifer Lawrence & Cooke Maroney

Jennifer Lawrence is the gift that keeps on giving. She has given us some unbelievably funny moments over the years, from falling up the stairs at her 2013 Oscar speech, to being the master of photobombing on the red carpet. There are too many hilarious moments to mention. Jennifer is candidly geeky too; never afraid to act stupid, she refuses to take herself too seriously.

We have been rooting for her to find love for what seems like a long time now, and finally, she seems to have found the one. In February 2019 she announced her engagement to art director Cooke Maroney. Congratulations! The couple hasn’t yet made too many public appearances, but we’re sure hoping he is just as kooky as she is. That’s a whole lot of kooky.

Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher

Mila Kunis has always been the first to admit she’s a geek. She’s a serial video-game player, with a love for everything World of Warcraft. She’s also a total trekkie. Need we give you any more proof? However, her nerdy ways are why we love her so much! She’s never one to shy away from embracing silliness.

Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher

Who else better to match this nerdiness than the loveable buffoon that is Ashton Kutcher? The couple has seemingly gone from strength to strength. After the birth of their daughter Wyatt Isabelle in 2014, they got hitched a year later in 2015. They’re never afraid to dress up in silly outfits, mimic each other’s stupidity, and embrace their inner dork.
Behind the doors of their big Hollywood homes, there are probably a lot more celebs than you think doing a puzzle, watching cartoons, or sitting in their jammies playing video games. Never be afraid to express your geeky side, and show it to the world with pride. We’re all geeks at heart!