The funniest channels on Facebook

Facebook has evolved a lot in the past few years and has changed from being a place where you announced your every thought and posted awkward selfies, to a place where your aunt shares Minion memes, and you just watch funny videos. If you feel as though your Facebook feed is very heavy on the pointless status’ and lacking in hilarious videos, here are some pages you need to follow!

Fail Army

Who doesn’t love a good fail video? In the spirit of schadenfreude, this channel is perfect to watch when you want to feel better about your own failings and see rich people fall off boats or children hit themselves in the head with soccer balls. When we have friends over, and we’re having a few drinks and watching videos online, you can bet that we will stick a Fail Army compilation on and collectively laugh until we cry. Ah, friendship in 2018.

The funniest channels on Facebook

Tanya Hennessy

Tanya is unashamed, and we want to be her best friend! She posts a lot of videos where she speaks to someone of a specific profession, such as a personal trainer or a hairdresser, and goes through different things that people say to them. Honestly, they are laugh out loud funny, and even Tanya herself ends up laughing. She also posts the most relatable makeup “tutorials” ever, for those of us who are less like Zoella, and more likely to apply foundation with our fingers.

Mr. Cian Twomey

Cian plays his own girlfriend, Emily, with an awful wig and smeared lipstick, and somehow, it’s hilarious. I think we can all see a bit of ourselves in his portrayal of Emily (yes, I do want to eat everything but also lose weight, so sue me!), but underneath it all, you can tell that there is so much love between his real-life girlfriend and himself. His videos are shakily filmed and badly edited, and that’s what makes them so great – they are so down to earth/ Cian is likable and unlike a lot of “funny” male stars, doesn’t play horrible pranks on his girlfriend to get views.

The funniest channels on Facebook


It’s hard to explain just what is so absolutely genius and hilarious about Ladbaby, but trust us, his videos are worth a watch. The basic premise is that Mark (very similar to the hilarious Karl Pilkington), is the father of a lovely little boy, and is always trying to save money, much to his other halves’ frustration. For example, she sends him to buy the baby X, and he comes back with his own homemade version of X, which, although potentially lethal, usually works pretty well. Although he is funny in himself, the fact that his missus is such a good sport and the love between them all is what makes it so wonderful.

So there you have five really funny facebook pages for you to enjoy. Apologies to your boss!