The funniest cameos in the history of cinema

Starring in a big role is what most actors dream about but some of the most memorable moments come from the small cameos in movies. The best cameos are done for the fans and include celebrities that appear as minor characters in a scene, and even make comical references to previous roles. So, here are some of the best cameos that really made fans giggle.

Alice Cooper in Wayne’s World

Cooper really proved his sense of humor when he showed up in Wayne’s World as a parody of himself. This legendary rock star wasn’t afraid to put his ego aside for a couple of laughs in this classic film. In the movie, the villain, named Benjamin Oliver, gets protagonists Wayne and Garth backstage tickets to Alice Cooper’s concert. The two lovable dorky characters can’t resist and end up meeting Alice Cooper only to find out that his persona hides just how strange he really is in the movie. This humorous cameo features Cooper lounging backstage being surprisingly calm. He then starts to give a speech about the history of Milwaukee which is followed by a hilarious moment of him extending his hand for the two protagonists to kiss his ring.

The funniest cameos in the history of cinema


Daniel Craig in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

There have been many celebs hiding under the stormtrooper helmet over the years and one of them is the legendary James Bond actor Daniel Craig. He doesn’t blend in, though, as his cameo is a super funny moment in the film where Rey uses the force to manipulate his mind for the first time ever. He proves to be the opposite of the usual strong-willed stormtroopers when he agrees to “remove these restraints and leave the cell with the door open,” allowing Rey to run away, but not before we see him strut away Bond style.

Mike Tyson in The Hangover

Tons of crazy stuff happens in The Hangover but one of the coolest ones leads to a cameo by Mike Tyson. When the characters find a tiger in their bathroom after a wild night out, they decided to track down its owner. The owner of the tiger happens to be Mike Tyson which leads to an incredible cameo that begins with Tyson singing “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins. He gets the main characters to sing with him and he eventually knocks one of the characters out. He compliments the characters on the skillful theft of the tiger and shows them that he has video evidence of them doing so, as well as evidence of them stealing a cop car.

The funniest cameos in the history of cinema

Tom Cruise in Austin Powers’ Goldmember

Goldmember is the most iconic movie in the Austin Powers saga and there are plenty of cameos to mention in it, but Tom Cruise’s cameo is utterly hilarious. The layers to this cameo are what makes it so funny. The opening of the film is high-budget and high action, giving the viewers a clue that this isn’t a typical Austin Powers scene. The weapons, the helicopter, and the Mission Impossible music all make sense when the camera reveals Tom Cruise ‘playing’ Austin Powers in the biographical movie about the groovy British spy’s life. So, the viewers then come to realize that in the Austin Powers universe, the spy is so famous that Tom Cruise is playing him in films! It’s a cool nod to Tom’s work in action movies and it is downright hilarious.