Free websites to learn science from

Science is pretty darn awesome, right? Even if it was never your strongest subject in school, it was always fascinating and full of cool experiments. Think about how many avenues of science have wound up changing the world, and how important science is these days, where we are so tech-dominated. Despite the fact that science is used so much in everyday life, we often don’t consider the whys and wherefores of science.

There are so many excellent ways of finding out more about science, and really understanding the way things work. In fact, because of the vastness of the internet these days, there are so many websites you can visit that contain plenty of information and data that is all science-based. Here are a few of the coolest free websites where you can learn more about science right now.


This is one of our favorites, and definitely a site we would recommend for those who find the tops of genetics and evolution interesting. The site has so much free information and data, and there is even a science library resource where you can find information from across the years. You can even follow learning paths or build your own online classrooms, making this an essential resource for students who need access to high-quality information.

Free websites to learn science from

iTunes U

Apple has their fingers in so many pies these days, it’s hard to keep up sometimes. But, this isn’t always such a bad thing, as iTunes U proves. This is a site in which hundreds of the top universities from all across the world distribute lectures, tours, and videos for people to browse and study. This is a wonderful resource for those with a casual curiosity in science, as well as students who are looking to learn as well.

The clue is very much in the name with this one, and this is likely to be one of the most popular sites on the list. Let’s be honest, space is cool, and finding out about all things space-related is something that would certainly appeal to all age groups. You can use this site to find out anything about space missions that have occurred, and the technology they use on specific flights into space. There is so much to learn and enjoy here that you could literally spend hours on this sight, blowing your mind!

Scientific American

If you have any queries or need any help with your dissertation, thesis, or undergrad studies, this is the site for you. It has arguably the most thorough and diverse sources on the net for studying all things science and medicine based. There are loads of blog posts and podcasts which all make the learning experience considerably more appealing. This is definitely a website you need to check out, and one of the best sites online for those wanting to learn more about science.

As you can see, the internet is a powerful resource, and there are loads of awesome sites that can be used to find out more and learn online. These sites represent just a snapshot of some of the best resources on the net you can use to your advantage. We promise, after you check these out, science will never be the same again.

Free websites to learn science from