Forgotten ’90s video game gems you might have missed

Every year, we’re gifted with a bunch of video games that push boundaries and test the limits of their consoles. From things like 3D gaming pioneer Super Mario 64 to battle royale megahit Fortnite, there has been a lot to celebrate in the industry over the last few decades. However, sometimes games fly under the radar because they’re not as popular. There’s a good chance you might have missed out on these gems from the ‘90s, but if you’ve still got the right console, they’re well worth a play.

Forgotten ’90s video game gems you might have missed

Gangsters: Organized Crime (PC)

When you think about video games based around gangsters, something like Grand Theft Auto probably comes to mind. However, whereas that often prioritizes shooting first and asking questions later, a game like Gangsters: Organized Crime is the opposite. It tasks you with acting like a proper old school gangster, challenging you to make it big without getting arrested. It requires a fair bit of thought and skill, all without you having to take anyone’s life. It was a great PC alternative to the Grand Theft Auto series, which was still in its infancy when this was released.

Space Station Silicon Valley (N64)

One problem that people tend to have with video games is that they hold your hand too much. That’s something you never had to worry about with Space Station Silicon Valley. It pretty much left you to your own devices as you navigated the various stages, trying to solve the puzzles and advance. By playing as a microchip, you were able to infiltrate other robotic creatures to help you progress, giving you a variety of characters to work your way through. The game was a charming addition to the N64 and one that deserved much more attention than it got.

The Neverhood (PC/PSX)

Had it been released a year or two earlier, The Neverhood might have been a lot more popular than it ultimately was. Unfortunately, the growing appeal of 3D titles meant that point-and-click adventures like this one easily flew under the radar. However, had it received the attention it deserved, people would have realized just how much there was to love about the game. From it’s relatively easy puzzles to its wonderful claymation design, it was incredibly enjoyable to play. Luckily, the rise of indie point-and-click adventures has put it back on the map, albeit at unreasonably high prices.

Forgotten ’90s video game gems you might have missed

BioForge (PC)

Although other titles are commonly praised for bringing the survival-horror genre to gaming, BioForge is one of those releases that often gets overlooked. However, it deserves to get some credit, even if the game plays like a product of its time. A lot of the elements present in this PC title are now common to the genre, including having your decisions influence how the story progresses. We wouldn’t have games like Until Dawn if it weren’t for gems like this, so it’s well worth giving BioForge a look just to understand the history of the genre.

It’s impossible to give every game the attention it deserves, but it’s always worth looking back and seeing what gems you once missed out on.