What your favorite color says about you, according to ‘color psychology’

There are plenty of different attributes that we have as individuals, that tell people a bit more about who we are as a person. It might be a specific personality trait, such as always wanting to make people laugh. Perhaps we like to show who we are through our fashion choices or favorite music. However, did you know that your favorite color can also tell people a lot about who you are? It’s called color psychology, and it could even teach you a thing or two about yourself. If you have ever wanted to know what your favorite color says about you, look no further.


It’s a popular favorite color, but what does it say about you? According to color psychology, those who like the color red tend to be quite extroverted and confident. You may be the kind of person who needs a lot of attention, and you find it easy to make friends. Red lovers are ‘doers’ and will never put something off; they want it done right away. They are also optimistic and full of courage!

What your favorite color says about you, according to ‘color psychology’


Green is a color all about balance, so those who love green also tend to enjoy balance. However, when there isn’t balance in a green lover’s life, it can lead to them feeling anxious. Those who love the color green are also thought to have high moral standards and prefer being part of a group than on their own. If green is your favorite color, you’re most likely to be practical, too.


If you love the color blue, then you’re all about that trust. It may take a little while for you to trust people when you first meet them, but once they win you over, then they’ll have a friend for life. Blue-lovers are genuine, sincere, reliable and giving. You may also dislike a change in routines if you’re a fan of the color blue.


It’s one of the most cheerful colors out there, so it comes as no surprise to learn that yellow-lovers are also cheerful. You may find yourself filled with lots of creative ideas but can sometimes struggle to turn them into a reality. If your favorite color is yellow, then you are unlikely to like large groups, preferring a small group of friends or your own company.


Purple-lovers are compassionate and gentle; filled with understanding of others and always putting loved one’s needs before their own. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to you being taken advantage of – so be wary! Those who love purple tend to be creative, particularly when it comes to their home.


It’s all about the prestige and power for those who love the color black! According to color psychology, black-lovers can come across as frosty and keep people at arm’s length. However, this is only to protect themselves from any hurt. You may also take yourself a little too seriously, so let loose once in a while.

What your favorite color says about you, according to ‘color psychology’


If you love the color pink, then there’s a good chance you’re an optimistic person, who likes to nurture others and be nurtured in return. Some people may think you’re a sweet person, but you may come across as a little reserved at times. Pink-lovers may find it hard to trust in themselves, so it’s essential to build on your confidence.

Is your favorite color on this list? What does it tell you about your personality? Color psychology could give you a little insight into what you’re genuinely like… But is it accurate for you?