Fantastic facts about the immune system

Are you the sort of person who is constantly unwell, and finding yourself always picking up colds or the flu? If you are then it’s more than likely you have a weak immune system, and this is something you need to work on improving. Our immune system is incredibly complex, and it’s the thing that prevents us from getting ill, as well as helping us get better once we are ill.

In fact, were it not for our immune system, none of us would live particularly long, and it’s essential for keeping us healthy. As we established before, some of us have better immune systems than others, and these are the people who always seem to be healthier. These are some of the truly stunning facts you never knew about the body’s immune system.

It’s packed with specialized blood cells

Your immune system is constantly working overtime to ensure that your body is fit and healthy as much as possible. And, the greatest weapon the immune system has is specialized white blood cells known as lymphocytes, and phagocytes – these work to create antigens, and ingest harmful bacteria respectively. White blood cells attack pathogens in the body, and help to keep you strong, healthy, and able to fight off disease.

Fantastic facts about the immune system

It’s linked to the spleen

There is a direct link between the spleen and the immune system; in fact, the spleen actually helps the immune system to work. Yes, you can live without a spleen, but you really need to keep hold of yours if you want your immune system to be operating at the best possible level. This is because the spleen is basically like one giant lymph node that produces new white blood cells, and removes the old ones from the body. It is an essential tool in helping with the immune system’s functionality.

It affects your mood

Believe it or not, your immune system can have a major impact on your mood and how you are feeling. There are so many wonderful things to know about the immune system, but the fact that it impacts on social behavior and interaction shows how big of a role it plays. Your mood and friendliness could well be affected by how well your immune system is working. As long as the body is fighting off illness and bacteria, it should leave you in a much more sociable mood.

Fantastic facts about the immune system

It can be tricked

Incredibly, the immune system can actually be tricked, and this is something doctors, and scientists are exploiting in order to come up with other forms of treatment. For instance, a new form of therapy for Type 1 diabetes actually tricks the immune system. This is done by introducing new pancreatic cells to replace those attacked by diabetes – it manages to do this without triggering an immune response.

As you can see, there are loads of cool things you never knew about the body’s immune system. You’ve got to make sure you do as much as possible to understand why your immune system matters so much – not to mention doing your best to keep up your vitamin intake.