How to fall in love, according to science

Most of us want to meet the love of our lives one day. We seem to spend most of our time trying to look for “the one,” but we’re never really sure when we’ve found them. Falling in love isn’t easy, and it should always come naturally to you. However, it is possible to speed the process up thanks to a bit of science. Don’t worry; you don’t need to start brewing a love potion to get the guys or girls looking your way. All it takes is a few simple tips to ensure you enjoy a long and healthy love life.

Look into their eyes

You might sometimes feel a little awkward when you stare into someone’s eyes, but it could be all you need to make them fall in love with you. Sure, that might sound like something straight out of a romance novel, but various studies have found that this is one of the most effective ways for building a healthy relationship. Couples who spent more time looking into each other’s eyes displayed greater feelings of love. It looks like it’s time to put down that cell phone and start paying attention to the people around you.

How to fall in love, according to science

Open your ears

Taking the time to listen to your prospective partner can go a long way in ensuring your love goes the distance. There’s no moment in your relationship when listening to each other is a bad thing, whether you’re trying to catch someone’s attention or you’ve been married for ten years. Who doesn’t want to feel that they’re being heard when they have something to say? It’s this desire that makes staying quiet and opening your ears so crucial for building a healthy partnership.

Make a fool of yourself

This is probably something that most people try to avoid. After all, who actively wants to go out and embarrass themselves, especially when they’re on the lookout for love. Well, as it turns out, this might be precisely the way to woo people. A study by Harvard Business School found that an overwhelming majority of people preferred relationships with those who were open about everything. You might make them and yourself cringe by revealing some embarrassing stories from your past, but they could be the key to everlasting love.

Sort out your priorities

If you’re in a rush to take your prospective partner to the bedroom, you might want to hold off for a bit. A study in the early 2000’s discovered that it’s more beneficial to hold off from that level of intimacy before you say those three special words first – “I love you.” The research found that saying that before going to bed with someone meant the relationship was much more likely to go the distance than if that was said afterward. This doesn’t mean you should rush to say the “L” word though because you could end up putting the other person off.

How to fall in love, according to science

Don’t hide yourself

If you want people to genuinely fall in love with you, you’re better off staying away from things like too much makeup. Anything that conceals your true appearance might increase your chances of being considered attractive, but you won’t win over the right people. You can’t wear makeup 24/7. Moreover, looks are merely on the surface. People can quickly grow tired of a partner who spends too much time on their appearance because it shows they’re more interested in themselves than anyone else.

Be warm, not cold

Want a good idea for a first date? Take them for coffee. It turns out that when we feel physically warm, our behavior tends to go in the same direction. If you want to avoid treating a prospective partner coldly, avoid doing anything that will make you feel too cold. Isn’t science strange?

If you follow these tips, your chances of finding love should increase dramatically. Don’t be surprised if it takes a bit of time though. Everyone is different, after all.