Exciting Movies and TV that are now available on Netflix

When it comes to TV shows and movies, Netflix never lets us down. The streaming platform is home to so many incredible things, although it’s library can only contain so much. Every month, the service adds new content to its roster, and the platform always seems to be packed full of amazing additions.

‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’

It’s been 25 years since the British rom-com ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ debuted, and the film still hasn’t lost any of its sparkle. The hilarious movie, which includes Hugh Grant, Andie MacDowell, and Rowan Atkinson in its cast, was an unexpected hit when it came out in 1994. It ended up making $245 million at the box office, and received critical acclaim for being light-hearted and beautifully performed. Thankfully, if you want to relive this piece of movie magic, you can find it on Netflix.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

‘Dear White People’ season three

As well as being a platform for your favorite movies and TV shows, Netflix also airs its own original content. Included in this is ‘Dear White People,’ a dramedy series that’s received rave reviews so far. The first two seasons were celebrated for being “sharply written” and for providing a great blend of “social commentary and incisive humor.” With that in mind, viewers have every reason to be excited about the third season hitting Netflix in August. It has a lot to live up to, but from the sounds of it, the show is going to smash it out of the park once again.

The Rocky films

Nowadays, Sylvester Stallone is known for roles in action film series like ‘Rambo,’ ‘The Expendables,’ and ‘Escape Plan.’ However, it was his part in the sports drama series ‘Rocky’ that put him on the map. Stallone was responsible for writing the 1976 film which grossed $225 million at the box office, as well as it’s many sequels. If you’ve never seen them before, then you’ll want to be on Netflix in August. The ‘Rocky’ film series will be available to watch on the streaming service.

‘Jane the Virgin’ season five

America seems to love turning telenovelas into compelling dramedies. You just need to look at the success of shows like ‘Ugly Betty’ and ‘Jane the Virgin’ to realize that. The latter has been driving fans wild over the last few years, with every dramatic twist and turn leaving viewers speechless. Sadly, the final season of the show ended earlier this year with as many crazy plots as you’d expect. However, if you weren’t ready to say goodbye to it then, now’s your chance. The fifth season is available to stream from August onward.

Jane the Virgin

‘Groundhog Day’

Ever feel like you’re reliving the same day again and again and again. Then maybe you’re trapped in ‘Groundhog Day’ just like Bill Murray. The 1993 comedic fantasy is also coming to Netflix this August, proving that the streaming service really loves the classics. Not just that, but they’re also pretty crazy about Andie MacDowell too. The actress also stars in this critically acclaimed hit which follows weatherman Phil Connors as he’s stuck in a seemingly neverending time loop.

Every time a new month comes around, we always get excited to see what treats Netflix has to offer us. These movies and shows are sure to tide us over until September when another batch of compelling dramas and cinematic classics become available to stream.