Everything you wanted to know about Dungeons and Dragons

There is a pretty good chance you’ve just watched Stranger Things and thought of trying Dungeons and Dragons. However, it seems you have absolutely no idea where to begin. Well, fear no more, because here’s everything you wanted to know about Dungeons and Dragons.

Buy and read the player’s handbook

This tome is without a doubt vital for any new player. It proves handy when it comes to creating characters from the iconic Dungeons and Dragons classes and races. The player’s handbook is packed with lessons about combat, exploration, spells, equipment, and so much more. Getting the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons rulebook is highly advised. This is because the 5th edition copy is the most beginner-friendly version of all the editions in existence. Worth noting, this is the latest edition of the game, whose rules and systems favor role-playing other than complex battles revolving around movement.

Everything you wanted to know about Dungeons and Dragons

Foldable game board

A foldable game board is truly the most essential part of the Dungeons and Dragons game. It serves as a playing field, where players (you and your friends) use to hunt down treasure, fight every beast, and gain experience. The mat should be able to fold effortlessly for easy storage after you are done scribbling over.

Icons of the realm figures

Certainly, you can decide to sculpt and paint your unique wizard, cleric, and ranger. However, because this is your first time playing D&D you can go ahead and use icons of the realm figures. These figures are ready for use and you have what it takes to begin your adventure right away.

Dungeon Master

After gathering your party, the next thing to do is to pick the leader or Game Master, otherwise called Dungeon Master. You can decide to be the Dungeon Master if you are the one who bought everything needed to play the game. Being the leader earns you the job of building the whole world and creating story for other players to follow. Pre-made adventures can be a great way to go. Books like The Curse of Strahd provide everything you want to create an adventure: A plot, maps, enemies, and a villain that must be defeated.

Everything you wanted to know about Dungeons and Dragons

Make mistakes and admit them

Making mistakes is inevitable when playing any game and Dungeons and Dragons isn’t an exception. In fact, mistakes are an integral and sincere part of the game. Dungeons and Dragons is typically full of mistakes, so learn to be a fan of mistakes when playing and derive useful lessons from those mistakes. Apparently, the mechanics of the Dungeons and Dragons are complex in nature. So, chances are your campaign members and Dungeon Master is likely to heck something up. When that happens, simply admit the mishap and get going.

Last but not least, always dare to bring in things you love when running any campaign, whether pre-made or your unique creation. No one will sue you for throwing the battle of Helm’s Deep into your game. This works pretty well if you end up being a player. And, if you adore Han Solo, don’t be afraid to be him. See, D and D revolves around your own imaginations and crazy scenarios you can come up with. Take charge of the game; make it simple or elaborate depending on what you like!