Everything you need to know about Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse

This new Spider-Man movie is a funny action film about everyone’s favorite superhero. The new animated movie is a wonderful, intense movie, which embodies the hope and optimism of its hero in a classic and cool way. It makes use of some incredible, innovate techniques, while still remaining a traditional Spidey film. The new movie was released in cinemas on December 14, 2018 with top actors like Shameik Moore, Jake Johnson, Hailee Steinfeld, and Mahershala Ali among others. The following is all you have to know to understand Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse.

The story

Following the death of Spider-Man, the famous Marvel superhero, a boy from Brooklyn by the name Miles Morales, takes up the mantle. The new film introduces to the teenaged Miles, who finds out that he has amazing capabilities. Miles makes a great effort to adjust to his new boarding school, in order to satisfy his parents. His uncle encourages him to go after his passion for graffiti. As a result, he finds his way into a subway, where he can draw whatever he likes. While he draws, he is bitten by an unknown spider, and as a result he finds out that he develops some spider-like abilities. As a result, he understands that he now has some unique traits that are similar to Spider-Man. Suddenly, he meets Spider-Man and they both understand that they are alike.

Miles Morales

The film features strong character development as we learn more about Miles Morales. He is a young, half African American and half Puerto Rican man who has lived in a universe that is actually parallel to the Marvel Universe. Spider-Man still lives in a parallel universe where he continues to help people every time they need him. Miles’ story is focused on his responsibility to embrace his new and unique traits that give him extra power. As a result, he manages to overcome his personal insecurities in a cruel world.

The animation

This unique 3D animation movie is full of vibrant colors. In fact, it’s a great visual film that doesn’t resemble anything you may have seen in the past. The comics-inspired visuals are quite impressive and the story is inspiring, especially if you love this type of film. The movie pulls both from comic book aesthetics and 3D animation characteristics in order to come up with a kinetic and dazzling style. The soundtrack of the movie focuses on an orchestral template; with jazz and hip hop inspired music. In fact, it creates a modern world as the action shifts from the interior of buildings to the streets of New York City.

Each of the heroes is written quite brilliantly; each one of them carries their own story, with their own powers and mistakes. If you love this type of superhero, you’ll find it quite innovative, modern, and dynamic. The new film offers you two hours of amazing and stunning animation with other great effects, perfect images, lovely music, strong characters, and an amazing plot. It’s not anything like the earlier Spider-Man movies, and it carves its own spot in the superhero hall of fame.