Everything you need to know about Scarlet Witch

The Scarlet Witch’s past is very different depending on whether you’re looking at the comic book version or the version within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They’re relatively similar, except, because Marvel did not own the rights to X-Men, a few things about her origins had to be altered. Scarlet Witch has been dubbed one of the most underrated members of the Avengers, especially considering her abilities on the field.

Scarlet Witch

Her original past

Scarlet Witch’s past starts in eastern Europe, where she and her twin brother, Pietro, lived with their parents, the Maximoffs. Scarlet Witch’s real name is Wanda Maximoff, she and her brother were separated from their parents as a result of some local strife. The two fell in with a bad crowd, in other words, Magneto and the brotherhood of evil mutants. The two grew tired of following evil orders and decided to disband from Magneto, and eventually teamed up with the Avengers.

The MCU adaptation

The MCU adaptation rewrites the twin’s past, but it’s also similar in many ways. Their original background is accurate, although the fictional town of Sokovia was created, except the twins harbor a grudge against Tony Stark and the Avengers after their home town was decimated with an old ‘stark’ missile. They then end up in league with Hydra, which is how they obtain their powers, as Hydra experiments on them. After Hydra was defeated, they joined forces with Ultron before ultimately defecting and joining the Avengers. Pietro did not survive, and only Wanda continues on in the MCU.

Her powers

Wanda’s powers make her a considerable ally, or a terrible foe, depending on which side you’re on. However, she can manipulate energy, projecting red-like energy that can move and alter as she sees fit. She was also seen to have the ability to mess with people’s minds as she put all the Avengers in a trance-like state, making them see some of their worst moments or fears. This makes her considerably powerful with the ability to get inside anyone’s head. She is also said to have telepathy which puts her at a massive advantage.


Wanda is a famously closed-off character who didn’t form strong bonds with anyone other than her brother. However, that all changed when the Vision was created, and the two formed a romantic bong through mutual understanding and connection. In the comics, the two have a more complex relationship, as Vision ends up in and out of her life, taking on various roles. He is her husband and father to her children.

Scarlet Witch

Ability to manipulate reality

We see in the Avengers that Wanda has the ability to destroy an infinity stone, almost without breaking a sweat, but of course, Thanos manages to reverse the effects of this. In the comic books, Wanda has the ability to warp reality as well as use incantations and spells to do her bidding. At an earlier point in her Avengers career, she is known as Hex but soon exchanges this for her current name.

Wanda is an impressive character who faces her inner demons and overcomes them to fight for the forces of good. She spends a considerable amount of time trying to make up for her past indiscretions, as an Avenger and becomes an integral part of the team thanks to her impressive and unique powers. She is generally seen wearing a dark red outfit that exemplifies her inner personality.