Everything we know about the live-action Dora the Explorer movie

So what do you do after a cartoon animation is successful? Well according to recent years you make a live-action version of course. This doesn’t just apply to films either, as now we know we are officially getting a live-action remake of Dora the Explorer – the hugely loved Nickelodeon TV series that started in 2000.

That’s right, the beloved children’s TV character of Dora is hitting the big screens later on this year, and she’s going to be putting on her backpack once more. Knowing Dora, we’re sure she’s going to have a whole host of facts up her sleeve to teach us about, and we cannot wait to join her on her latest adventure. But what exactly do we know about the upcoming adaptation? Here’s the latest scoop.

Dora the Explorer

When is the release date?

The film is named Dora and the Lost City of Gold, and will be officially released in the US on July 31, 2019.

Who’s starring?

Seventeen-year-old actress Isabela Moner is starring as Dora, whose previous acting roles include Nickelodeon’s hit-show 100 Things to do before high school. Other cast members include Eva Longoria as Dora’s mother, Michael Pena as Dora’s father, and Eugenio Derbez as a mysterious jungle creature.

What’s the plot?

Dora is now a teenager, and after having spent most of her childhood exploring the wilderness of the jungle, Dora has a new adventure to tackle – high school. While her parents set out on a mission to find the Lost City of Gold, Dora must stay behind and attempt to fit into normal life. However, Dora and her friends come up against the wrath of Jungle baddies who seek information on her parent’s whereabouts. Together, accompanied by the help of monkey sidekick Boots, must take an expedition into the Jungle to help save her parents and the treasure they all seek.

What does the trailer tell us?

The first trailer has first officially dropped, and it looks as though this live-action adaptation is going to work surprisingly well.

What we’ve seen is super funny, and we can’t wait to follow Dora as more of a grown-up. For those now 20s somethings who merely remember her as a junior explorer, she’s now a fully-fledged teenage adventurer, ready for more dangerous challenges. She’s a bit of a fish-out-of-water rookie to the goings on at high-school, but Dora does look as though she’s more than capable of holding her own. Think of her as a sort of Young Indiana Jones! Totally cool.

Live-action Dora the Explorer movie

It’s of course still a family-fun adventure side welcoming to all ages, but parents look like they’re gonna be entertained too. The CGI version of Boots is just as cute as we were hoping as well!

The new live action Dora could be an icon for a new generation, but for others she’s going to be a refreshing dose of nostalgia. So get your tickets booked. If you want to take a little jungle journey back to the golden Nickelodeon days, you know how and when to get there – cinemas on July 31st, 2019.