Everyone’s a geek in their own way, and here’s why

Geeks were once thought to be the loners in the hallways, but now it seems as though we could all have a touch of geek running through our veins – and we’re all so different in our own ways. So what is it that means we’ve all taken on the new trait?

We’re passionate

Many once believed that geeks were passionate about math or science, but now it seems as though having a passion for anything can make us a geek. Whether it’s a particular subject, a movie franchise, or a new TV show – there is no end to the number of things we can spend hours researching and even longer enjoying.

Everyone’s a geek in their own way, and here’s why

We can lose ourselves

Have you ever found yourself losing hours to a particular love or hobby? You’re not alone. Getting drawn into the latest news or falling down a late night rabbit hole were once thought to be just for geeks, but now it seems as though we’re all embracing the new trend. This can be the perfect way to keep up with whatever keeps us ticking and fulfill our need to enjoy what we love.

We know things

All that research and practice is bound to pay off, right? Many of us love to know all about our hobbies and will often do anything to become better and know more about it. This can almost make us an expert in the field. The best bit? We can often show off our skills to our friends and blow people’s minds with our knowledge. Whether it’s naming everyone from a movie franchise or knowing the ins and outs of an engine – they are plenty of valuable skills to take to the world.

Everyone’s a geek in their own way, and here’s why

We’re loyal

Sometimes, our loyalty to our passion can be tested. Perhaps the latest season of your favorite show has received a number of flop reviews? Maybe your idol singer has released a new tune that isn’t hitting the right notes with everyone? Whatever the case, having a true passion for something often means we remain loyal to it no matter what. Sure, you might have thought that geeks only defend the latest sci-fi movie, but it seems as though that could all be about to change.

We’re different

One of the best things about humans is the fact that we’re all different. As well as having different styles, we all enjoy various genres of music, TV shows, and movies that help build our personalities. Sometimes, the best way to blend in is to stand out – and being a geek is nothing to be ashamed of! Geek chic is still a huge fashion trend as it’s all about embracing the smarter side of life and using our knowledge and varying personalities to define ourselves from the crowd.

No longer do we have to run from being a geek. In fact, there is no time like the present to realize there that everyone is a geek in their own way – and it’s time to wear the title with pride.