Educational podcasts to listen to during your commute

Some people spend a large amount of their day commuting. This time does not have to be wasted time. By listening to an educational podcast, you can still be productive in a different kind of way. It may surprise you how much you can learn about different topics if you listen to some podcasts. There are many different ones available for you to choose from. Whether you want to hear some fitness tips, learn how to be more effective at work or simply do some brain-stimulating trivia quizzes.

Educational podcasts to listen to during your commute

Health and fitness

There are many podcasts that concentrate on overall health and fitness. “Bulletproof Radio” is a fantastic podcast that explores ways to utilize your body to reach its ultimate potential. Dave Asprey, which is the host of the show, interviews medical doctors, nutritionists, biochemists, and meditation experts to appropriately educate his listeners. “Ted Talks Health” is another brilliant one that discusses daily health habits, talks about new research regarding medicine and well-being, and talks to knowledgeable guest speakers too.

Facts and trivia

There are thousands of strange and amazing facts about the world and hidden theories that people are not often aware of. If you enjoy discovering these things then “Stuff You Should Know” is just what you should be listening to during your commute. The hosts Josh and Chuck will not only keep you entertained but will definitely educate you on things that might blow your mind. “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” combines journalism with a trivia game-show style. Stephen J. Dubner alongside a celebrity co-host interview guests in front of a live studio audience. There are different co-hosts and guests every episode according to what the topic is, be it science, sports, media, or academia. The co-hosts, which are experts in their field push their guests with grilling questions to get as much information out of them as possible, to ensure that the listeners feel a little smarter by the end.

Educational podcasts to listen to during your commute

Boost productivity

Everyone at one time or another would like to learn how to increase productivity, be it at work or life in general. When you learn to be more effective and efficient it can give you a renewed sense of purpose and a new mindset to tackle whatever you face. David Allen, the author of the book ‘Getting Things Done’ better known as GTD, is a specialist on time management techniques. In his podcast of the same name he uses the GTD system in his book to help his listeners achieve a concept he calls “mind like water”. He talks about the art of stress-free productivity, how to create a system of lists and reminders to free your mind from having to remember everything, and concentrate on the work at hand instead.

Another great podcast called “The Action Catalyst” is hosted by leading expert on self-discipline and best selling author Rory Vaden. His podcasts feature other renowned experts with the aim to give practical advice on how to form habits for success.

With so many podcasts that can be both educational and entertaining at your fingertips, your commute could become the part of your day that you look forward to the most. Gone are the days of uneventful and mundane commutes. Hello enjoyable podcasts!